Ready for Normal 2.0? Recovery Checklist in 3 Steps

By Per Ohstrom, fractional CMO with Chief Outsiders As companies emerge from the Covid-19 lockdown into a new business reality, the winners will be those who stay focused on what the market needs.  We know the recession will reduce sales opportunities in many sectors, but there are bright spots. Sales in the grocery supply chain are up, as … [Read more...]

Creform kitting cart, an efficient way to organize, kit and transport parts for industrial use

Greer, SC—Creform Corporation, a manufacturer of unique products for material handling structures has designed and produced a kitting cart that is used in the assembly department of an industrial equipment manufacturer. The cart provides an efficient way to organize, kit, and transport in-process materials for in-house assembly projects.   The … [Read more...]

The Biggest Marketing Mistake B2B Companies Make in a Recession

"When faced with an economic downturn, smart B2B firms don’t reduce their marketing presence, they use the situation to their advantage." by Hillary Femal, Principal, Freshwater Marketing Based on decades of research on business spend and performance before, during, and after past recessions, here’s how to avoid making the biggest marketing … [Read more...]

Engage Technologies Corporation Awarded ISO 9001:2015 Certification

BROOKLYN PARK, MN – Engage Technologies Corporation, the parent company of Squid Ink Manufacturing, Eastey, American Film & Machinery (AFM), and Cogent Technologies, has announced the achievement of ISO 9001:2015 certification for Quality Management Systems. ISO 9001:2015 is a globally recognized quality management standard developed and … [Read more...]

Deadline for 2020 Excellence in Reusable Packaging Award Extended

The deadline to submit applications for the 9th annual Excellence in Reusable Packaging Award has been extended to June 30. The award recognizes primary (end) user companies and organizations that have developed and implemented measurable and innovative reusable transport packaging solutions in their supply chain.     Tampa, FL. The … [Read more...]

How to Reduce DIM Weight Charges When Shipping Your Products

When ecommerce stores and retailers ship their first large boxes, they’re usually surprised by the added cost that comes when the carrier charges by size instead of weight. Sometimes this dimensional weight (DIM weight) can cause a significant increase in price that’ll harm profitability. Carriers such as USPS, FedEx, and UPS will calculate DIM … [Read more...]

Modern-day heroes: Trucking community keeps supply chain moving

Motor carriers taking extra precautions amid COVID-19 SAVANNAH, Ga., May 5, 2020 - As the nation faces concerns over COVID-19, Eric McCray realizes that the trucking community is the heartbeat of America, keeping the supply chain moving and store shelves stocked. "Our drivers are essential workers," said McCray, director of human … [Read more...]

The Role of the Half Pallet

The Benefits of Half Pallets Explored A half pallet is one that comprises half the footprint (length x width) of a conventional pallet. Half pallets, along with quarter pallets and one-eighth pallets are also sometimes referred to as fractional or modular pallets. In North America, for example, where the 48x40-inch pallet is standard, half … [Read more...]

Why Quarter Pallets? FAQ

Quarter pallets can deliver added benefits to the last mile of retail distribution. Small or fractional pallets, including quarter and half pallets, can help provide a powerful boost in floor ready retail sales while increasing efficiencies over the “last mile” of retail distribution. Is the quarter pallet the right choice for your POS (point of … [Read more...]

Why Use Two If One Will Do?

The following reprint underscores early thought about pallet reuse, in essence, the emergence of coordinating inbound receiving of pallets under load with their reuse for outbound shipment. “Why Use Two If One Will Do” was featured in The Palletizer, a material handling publication developed during the Second World War by the U.S. Navy Ordnance … [Read more...]