Hyster Launches Wearable Sensor-Driven Solution to Promote Social Distancing

GREENVILLE, N.C. – As businesses reopen with social distancing protocols in place, Hyster Company announces a proximity tag solution to help promote compliance. The system uses wearable tags that vibrate whenever personnel get too close to each other, based on input from proximity sensors and predetermined distance settings. “From the shop floor … [Read more...]

Tips to Find a Good Freight Forwarding Company  

 Every year, millions of shippers work with freight forwarding companies to transport their goods. Having found a good freight forwarding company can greatly reduce your stress because there are many risks. There are many companies that look quite good on the outside but do not provide any consistent services. Many don’t even operate ethically. It … [Read more...]

Tackle flexible plastic packaging now or risk missing UK Plastics Pact targets, urges WRAP

Urgent cross-sector action is required to develop a recycling system for soft flexible plastic packaging, like plastic bags and wrapping, according to WRAP. The call to action comes as the sustainability not-for-profit, which leads The UK Plastics Pact, publishes a roadmap to galvanize action across the plastics supply chain: ‘Creating a … [Read more...]

Treating All Workers the Same in the Heat? That Could Be Risky

By Nicole Moyen, Vice President of Research and Development at Kenzen and heat stress blogger   When it comes to planning for the prevention of heat-related injuries & illnesses among an entire workforce, a one-size plan does not fit all. The research behind managing worker safety under hot working conditions has largely … [Read more...]

70 percent of businesses increase or maintain digital transformation spend amid pandemic, IFS study says

June 30, 2020 – Today’s macro-economic disruption has failed to dampen digital transformation plans, with 52 percent* of companies stating they will increase their spending on digital transformation, according to a global research study from IFS. While many people might assume that respondents concerned with the economy would pull back on … [Read more...]

Virginia Tech Pallet Lab’s Lean Transformation

Lean Transformation Improves Efficiency of Virginia Tech Pallet and Container Testing Lab, Prepares Graduates for Industry  The William H. Sardo Jr. Pallet and Container Testing Laboratory is the most comprehensive pallet testing and research lab in the United States. Here, students can get real-world, hands-on experience in lean management … [Read more...]

Shopping landscape has changed with pandemic, meat and fish shops attract younger customers during lockdown

New ground-breaking project from IGD follows the lives of 30 households during the lockdown and beyond  More younger shoppers visiting butchers, fishmongers and greengrocers 13% of shoppers shopped online for the first time during the pandemic Frequency of shop visits decreased Fewer visits to discount retailers due to stock outages … [Read more...]

5 Reasons Why Right Packaging is Important for Food Safety

Packaging plays the most crucial role in ensuring food safety. Food safety is highly critical to maintain the wellbeing and health of consumers. Packaging endures shipping, material handling, and storage of the packaged food. If food packaging integrity is not well maintained and tested, food safety can compromise a lot. Packaging protects the food … [Read more...]

Five Forgotten Pallet Management Tips from World War ll

One seldom tapped resource for reusable pallet and container management best practices is to look in the rearview mirror. Over the years I’ve talked to veteran and retired managers of in-house pallet programs who had the pallet management game mastered. Unfortunately, the management expertise reaped by these programs often ends up lost as … [Read more...]

Ready for Normal 2.0? Recovery Checklist in 3 Steps

By Per Ohstrom, fractional CMO with Chief Outsiders As companies emerge from the Covid-19 lockdown into a new business reality, the winners will be those who stay focused on what the market needs.  We know the recession will reduce sales opportunities in many sectors, but there are bright spots. Sales in the grocery supply chain are up, as … [Read more...]