SAQ Harmonizes Import Pallet Requirements to Boost Productivity and Reduce Environmental Impact

SAQ, the provincial Crown corporation responsible for the trade of alcoholic beverages in Quebec, Canada, has successfully improved operations by utilizing CHEP’s 48x40-inch rental pallet to ensure standardized quality. The conversion to the standardized platform and CHEP’s circular model began with pilot programs in Italy and France. Like many … [Read more...]

Pallet and Reusable Packaging Videos

Here is our roundup of recent videos or interest. Corrugated Packages – Safely delivering goods to customers worldwide   Battery recycling with G&P RTP Dolav pallet boxes   Buckhorn Reusable Packaging Solutions   CF Collapsible Containers from SSI … [Read more...]

Reusable Rubber Pallet Bands Help Stretch Budget

Replace Costly Pallet Wrap with Reusable Rubber Pallet Bands, Says Aero Rubber: Eliminate the cost of wrapping pallets by using reusable rubber bands - possible to achieve payback in 3 months and secure a load in 10 seconds.   Aero Rubber has been a trusted supplier of reusable Pallet Bands to industry since 1974.  While the company … [Read more...]

End Shrink Wrap Expense by Using Reusable Pallet Wraps, Bands and Straps

Reusable wrap systems for palletized products can eliminate the cost of shrink wrap and stretch wrap, reduce solid waste, and provide better product protection. If you feel dizzy from the rising cost of stretch wrap, or the awkward ergonomics of hand wrapping stretch film to a pallet load, you are not alone. And Workers Comp claims that can … [Read more...]

Export packaging: travel insurance for global freight transport

  Transport packaging is a cornerstone of global trade: Without boxes, pallets or corrugated board, freight transport would come to a standstill. Export packaging ensures safe, fast handling of goods of all sizes delivered to destinations all over the world. As well as protecting the goods, the packaging has to meet the needs of the various … [Read more...]

Dole Has Been Bananas about Plastic Recycling for 25 Years

This is the story behind those plastic corner boards that help keep boxes of bananas on the up and up. Back in my days at the local Safeway distribution center, those black plastic corner boards would really pile up. They came strapped to pallets of bananas and other column stacked fruit. When the pallet straps were cut for order picking, … [Read more...]

C’est La Vie: Pallet Changes Improve Beverage Plant Uptime

Life of a pallet analysis improves pallet functionality in automated pallet handling systems, drives down costs for Princes Foods LPR, a leading European pallet pooling provider, has been working with Princes, one of Europe’s fastest growing food and drink groups. They were collaboratively looking to improve the efficiency and reliability … [Read more...]

An Introduction to Automotive Reusable Packaging and Pallets

One of the enduring success stories for reusable packaging has been its role in the automotive industry When it comes to the shining Class A surfaced beacon for any number of industries to follow in adopting reusable packaging, that beacon is automotive. Returnable packaging and pallet systems have made a profound impact on the automotive … [Read more...]

Pallet Rack Wire Decking Solutions Designed with the Load in Mind

Cookie cutter approach to wire pallet decking not recommended Decking design based on application requirements When IKEA announced several years ago that it would be installing pallet rack wire decking throughout its global system to support the use of lightweight corrugated pallets, the move caused a stir in the retail distribution world. … [Read more...]

What Came First, The Pallet or the Forklift?

The history of the forklift and the pallet is intertwined. Did the pallet come first, or was it the forklift? This question was posed decades ago by the earliest pallet industry pioneers such as the late Bill Sardo, the first president of the National Wooden Pallet & Container Association and it still comes up today. The correct answer … [Read more...]