Statistics Surrounding Forestry Jobs

Statistics surrounding forestry jobs in North America are incredibly important for various reasons.  First, the numbers provide accurate detail regarding the health of an industry. According to the Canadian government, in 2013 the Canadian forest sector contributed $19.8 billion to Canada’s gross domestic product (GDP). Globally, Canada has the … [Read more...]

Food Waste, Reusables and Thanksgiving

Food and reusables have a timeless relationship, one that dates long back before Plymouth Rock to a time of clay pots and amphoras. It is a relationship, however, that remains fresh today. See, for example, Jeremy Kranowitz' article: Food Waste in America: $452 Million Per Day. The numbers are important. For example, Kranowitz notes: On an … [Read more...]

What’s next for the rigid plastic packaging market?

New study tracks market opportunity for rigid plastic packaging as it is challenged by flexible formats and growing concern over sustainability. In a new market report - The Future of Rigid Plastic Packaging to 2022 – Smithers Pira forecasts that global rigid plastic packaging consumption will be worth $166 billion in 2017, and exceed $200 … [Read more...]

The military precision at the front line of pallet repair and repatriation

Pooling Partners creates nine jobs by supporting Britain’s Bravest Manufacturing Company Logistics is a military term applied to the world of commerce, but its meaning has come full circle as former soldiers now form the front line of the supply chain through the repair and repatriation of millions of re-usable wooden pallets for Pooling … [Read more...]

BXB Digital Looks to Help Move Businesses into the Digital Supply Chain Era

  Pilots are underway towards the growth of BXB Digital’s Scalable Solution Today’s supply chains are characterized by high expectations and little tolerance for exceptions. BXB Digital says it is combining physical assets such as pallets with sensors and digital solutions to help customers move from siloed, inefficient operations to … [Read more...]

Svenska Retursystem Opens New RPC Wash Plant in Sweden, Will Process 70 Million Crates and Pallets Annually

        Svenska Retursystem (SRS), the Swedish RPC and plastic pallet rental provider, recently celebrated the grand opening of its new washing and distribution plant in Västerås, Hållbara Aros. The event, which took place on September 15, also was an opportunity to mark the 20th anniversary of … [Read more...]

Asset Tracking Presentations Draw Crowds at PACK EXPO

Asset tracking presentations drew considerable interest at the PACK EXPO show, drawing the largest audiences to the Reusables Education Center. With escalating interest around the Internet of Things, visibility, and compliance, as well as the need to squeeze even more cost out of the supply chain, asset tracking is a hot topic. Participants for one … [Read more...]

Loscam Opens Brand Facility in Sydney’s Erskine Park

Loscam opens second new pallet service depot in last three months Loscam’s Executive and regional management team, together with over 100 valued guests gathered at Erskine Park Sydney for Asia-Pacific’s largest pallet pooling company’s latest depot opening. Strategically located at the arterial roads of the M4 & M7 and within close … [Read more...]

TIMCON AGM: Irish Government backs forest-based industry success, expert believes Brexit unlikely to go ahead

Irish government minster Mary Mitchell O’Connor told members of the wooden pallet and packaging sector that Ireland’s successful forest based sectors can expect continued growth in the future. Speaking at the agm of the Timber Packaging & Pallet Confederation (TIMCON), held in Dublin at the beginning of September, O’Connor, Minister of State … [Read more...]

Pallets and Hurricanes

  Dr.  Marshall (Mark) White shares the story of one unique request which involved pallets and hurricanes. It has been quite a hurricane season in 2017. We have all seen videos of hurricane damage this year. Many of those videos show the danger of flying debris. This reminded me of a request to me as Director of the Pallet and Container … [Read more...]