Free Flow Wines Announces the Winners of the 2017 KEGGY Awards

Wine on tap programs nationwide are recognized for collectively saving more than 13.6 million bottles from the landfill with the use of Free Flow’s reusable stainless steel kegs. Free Flow Wines announced the winners of the 4th annual KEGGY Awards to honor wineries, distributors, equipment providers and restaurant operators for their … [Read more...]

Rehrig Pacific Builds a Better Keg — Again

Rehrig Pacific Company, a leading logistics solutions provider headquartered in Los Angeles, has taken a beer industry classic and turned it on its head. The company's PUBKEG bucks the industry standard stainless steel keg: It's a 100-percent-recyclable plastic alternative that fits with existing filling-and-tap-systems while maintaining the … [Read more...]

Award Winning Beverage Crate Accommodates Diverse Beer Bottle Styles

Pooling provider finds a compromise between more than 150 beer bottle designs in the German market and the standardization needed for reusable/refillable systems to work efficiently. “What would the perfect reusable world for the beverage industry look like?” With that question Pit Klepatz, Sales Manager of Logipack Pool GmbH started his … [Read more...]

Microstar Announces Keg Pooling Services to BrewDog and Green Flash Brewing

Microstar is providing two new customers with keg pooling services. BrewDog In preparing for the opening its new, 100,000 square foot, advanced Columbus brewery, Scottish craft beer pioneer BrewDog has looked to MicroStar to manage its keg logistics to best address rapidly growing demand. "We've worked with the team at MicroStar for … [Read more...]

Four Key Trends Shaping the Industrial Packaging Market

Industrial packaging: Based on its most recent market analysis and exclusive data set, Smithers Pira traces four key trends that will be drivers for the industrial packaging market through to the end of the decade. The global market for industrial packaging, estimated at $48.6 billion (€44.3 billion) in 2013, is forecast to reach $61 … [Read more...]

Brambles Acquires 100 Percent of Kegstar, Commences Rapid Global Expansion

  Brambles has moved from 30 percent to 100 percent ownership of Kegstar Holdings Pty Limited, after acquiring the shareholdings associated with Founder and Managing Director Adam Trippe-Smith and co-shareholder Shane Bradley. As a result, Kegstar will be accelerating its plans to expand into new territories beyond Australia and New … [Read more...]

Keg Logistics Benefits from Bregal Sagemount Investment

Keg Logistics has announced a significant investment from Bregal Sagemount, a growth-focused private equity firm, aimed at supporting the company’s continued expansion. According to company information, Keg Logistics is the leading provider of keg lease-to-own programs to craft breweries around the world, an end-market that analysts expect to … [Read more...]

MicroStar Logistics Breaks Ground on Expanded Keg Quality Services Center

  Greenwood Village, Colorado-based MicroStar Logistics, the leading diversified keg solutions provider, has begun its latest investment in keg quality and has broken ground on a major expansion of its flagship Keg Quality Services Center. The 105,000 square foot Green Bay, WI facility will provide world-class keg repair and maintenance … [Read more...]

Beer Keg Deposit Increase Comes to Head for Some Bars

The use of a container deposit system has proven to be a workable yet at times contentious approach to minimizing financial pain associated with container loss.  The deposit system makes return of the container more likely, but can be a source of frustration to customers if it is structured to tie up money in deposits on an ongoing basis as empty … [Read more...]

Keg Management Provider Provides Smooth Experience for Avery Brewing

MicroStar Logistics and Avery Brewing Extend Their Partnership   Avery Brewing and MicroStar Logistics have announced a multi-year extension of their on-going relationship. The keg management program offered by MicroStar provides the flexibility and efficiency required in the marketplace by leading brewers such as Avery … [Read more...]