Reusable Boxes Help Media Distributor Achieve Efficiencies

AMP, Belgium’s largest media distributor, benefits from reusable packaging solution provided by DW Reusables Bilzen, Belgium - AMP, Belgium’s largest media distributor, was looking for an efficient solution for the distribution of magazines and newspapers. AMP decided to contact DW Reusables, formally DS Smith Injection Moulded Products, to … [Read more...]

David Cuenca to succeed Michael Pooley as President of CHEP Europe

Sydney - CHEP has announced a transition of leadership for its European business operations. Brambles has appointed David Cuenca, who currently leads the company's Latin America business, as President, CHEP Europe from 1 July 2020. This follows the resignation of Michael Pooley, the current President of CHEP Europe, after a career spanning more … [Read more...]

Urgent Appeal for the Return of Bread Baskets during COVID-19

Any peak season can play havoc with the reverse logistics of reusables, and COVID-19 has stretched resources for many. Retailers may not have the staffing hours needed to organize store back rooms, for example, and delivery drivers, hardpressed to complete deliveries as quickly as possible, may not have time to spend sorting through empty dunnage … [Read more...]

Berglandmilch chooses DW Reusables’ beverage crate to become fully sustainable in packaging

Supported by environmental organization Greenpeace, Austrian milk producer Berglandmilch decided to replace its one-way packaging with reusable glass bottles. They contacted DW Reusables, formally DS Smith, for the design and production of a new crate. Berglandmilch wants to reduce waste with reusable bottles. The largest domestic milk … [Read more...]

Leadership Transition at IFCO Group

Munich (Germany) -  April 8, 2020:  The Advisory Committee of IFCO Group has announced that as part of a long-planned succession process, Wolfgang Orgeldinger will retire as CEO of IFCO Group and Michael Pooley has been appointed as new CEO of IFCO Group. Mr. Pooley will take over the responsibilities as Chief Executive Officer effective 1st July … [Read more...]

ffly4u Offers Value-Added Vertical-Specific Approaches to Industrial IoT

One size fits all IoT solutions fail to move the needle for many companies, the creation of additional value is essential Toulouse, France - While earlier Industrial IoT providers may have dreamt of a homogenous market for IoT devices running to the millions of units, such expectations have increasingly been tempered by experience. One of … [Read more...]

EPAL CP pallets ready for the market

EPAL CP pallets requirements were fully met in consultation with users from the chemicals industry Düsseldorf, 6th April 2020 – After many discussions with users in the chemicals industry, the European Pallet Association e.V. (EPAL) has implemented their requirements for EPAL CP pallets and included them in the EPAL Technical Regulations. In … [Read more...]

Growth in agribusiness sales for bi-color stack and nest crates

  As agribusinesses gear up for the next picking season, says that it has experienced a rise in demand for its bi-color stack and nest crates which the company launched last spring. Since January, has sold an impressive 25,000+ bi-color crates from its stack and … [Read more...]

Recycleye wins new investment from Grosvenor Britain & Ireland

Grosvenor Backs Two Innovative Start-Ups With £10,000 Social Impact Prize Two start-up businesses have received £10,000 from Grosvenor Britain & Ireland to further the development of their business. The teams, Recycleye and Tempo Market, are the joint winners of the Social Impact Award, part of Imperial College London’s flagship innovation … [Read more...]

IFCO celebrates the five year anniversary of its internationally successful RPCs for the transport of baked goods

IFCO's RPCs, specially developed for the transport of baked goods, offer bakeries and retailers numerous advantages in terms of costs, logistics, and sustainability Munich, March 17, 2020 - IFCO, the world's leading supplier of reusable containers (RPCs) for fresh food, is celebrating the five-year anniversary of its innovative Brown Lift … [Read more...]