Cargopak Wins Prestigious Bespoke e-Fulfilment Order

Cargopak awarded contract to provide custom e-fulfilment trolleys.


Cargopak recently announced  a contract involving the design, development and production of 1500 plus bespoke trolleys for a well-known online retailer. The trolley was developed as part of larger fully automated picking system incorporating, robotics, laser guidance and scanning technology, requiring the trolley to be built within exacting tolerances.

litco-sidebarThe company has been involved from the outset of the project from the initial concept and CAD design through to prototype development culminating in eventual production and commissioning.

“We are a delighted to have been awarded this contract and are confident that Cargopak is the only UK Company within the industry with all the prerequisite skills and resources to fulfil this contract,” states UK Sales Manager Ben Terry. “We have designed and built the whole contract in-house in our UK factory. We are very proud of our UK teams’ achievement.”

“As much as we would dearly like to let the world know all the details of the customer and show images of the this fantastic trolley of which our engineers are justly proud,” says the Cargopak release, “unfortunately we are bound by a confidentiality agreement.”

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