CAPS Acquired by Brambles Limited

CAPS has been acquired by Brambles Limited, according to a letter received by The letter indicates that CHEP’s parent company will provide CAPS with new capital to investment in equipment, technology and services, enhancing CAPS’ relationship with existing clients. CAPS stresses that customers will continue to work with current service, operations and sales contacts.

The letter states that a public announcement will be made sometime this week.

The letter is reproduced below.

February 7th, 2011

Dear Valued Customers & Partners,

I am pleased to inform you that Container and Pooling Solutions (CAPS) has recently been acquired by Brambles Limited, a global logistics company based in Australia with net assets of US$5 billion. Brambles’ is the parent company of leading container and pallet solution providers in 45 countries.

As CAPS continues to experience strong growth, the access to capital from our new parent company will allow us to invest in new equipment, technology and services. Additionally, this new transition will provide CAPS the ability to efficiently and effectively service customers with international business lanes.

Public announcements in relation to the acquisition are occurring this week. As a key CAPS’ customer, we wanted to personally let you know about the acquisition. CAPS’ container rental, tracking and asset management solutions will continue to meet the same high quality standards that you’ve come to know and expect from us, with newly added capabilities available shortly. Additionally, you’ll continue to work with your current Customer Service, Operations and Sales contacts.

Again, this is a very exciting time for CAPS. We thank you for your continued support, as we would not be experiencing this growth without you, our valued customers and partners.

As always, if you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact your appropriate Customer Service or Sales Representative.


Bob’s First Name Signature

Robert Wiedmaier
Container and Pooling Solutions, a Brambles company

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