Canadian Pooling Reset?

This week, the Reusable Packaging News announces the launch of its second annual Excellence in Reusable Packaging competition. If you have an innovative application with quantifiable results, why not take the time to enter. You can find out more about award submissions here.excellence

Also, we carried an announcement that the PECO pallet rental program is now accepted nationally across Canada by its largest grocery retailer, the Loblaw Companies. This has the potential to be an interesting announcement from a strategic perspective given that both CPC and CHEP Canada both offer stringer pallets as the basis of their programs in Canada. CHEP block-style pallets, however, are commonly received by distributors under load from the U.S. Time and further details will determine the significance of this announcement in terms of signaling a possible change of direction for the Canadian market.

Also in the news, ORBIS has announced the introduction of a new plastic beverage pallet designed for the Asian beverage system, while plans to introduce 31 additional plastic pallets from CABKA-IPS to its UK customers.

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