Cabka’s BigBag Divider Provides Efficient Base for Stacking and Transport

New plastic bulk bag divider and base provides ideal solution for storage and transport

Cabka’s new BigBag Divider was a clear hit at its 2015 launch during PACK EXPO Las Vegas. Filling a void in the materials handling market, it is a product designed to offer a better solution for storing, handling and shipping of big bags while eliminating product damage and other issues associated with wooden pallet usage, the company states.

As a unit base, the BigBag Divider was designed to facilitate block stacking, without any worries of sharp edges or splinters, while protecting bags from abrasion and damage. Four-sided fork shafts optimized forklift stacking of big bags. Forks are shielded from bag contact during entry by the tunnel design of the BigBag Divider.

Cabka states that standard pallets can pose a number of problems. For example, gaps between deck boards can cause damage while shifting and settling of bags may make problematic their removal from pallets. Additionally, nails, splinters or sharp edges on wood pallets may result in puncture of bulk bags.

Another plus for the BigBag Divider is its nestable design, allowing greater efficiencies when transported empty or in storage. It comes in two sizes, 40×40-inch and 43×43-inch. Depending upon which material, it will weigh between 14.5 and 18.5 lbs. Material selections include recycled ACM, which is perfect for one-way shipping, or recycled HDPE, which is ideal for closed loop returnable systems or for long-term use in the warehouse. The BigBag Divider also provides raised edges which eliminate slipping or overlapping of bags. The flat, stable contact surface is designed to accommodate automatic roller conveyors.

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