Buying Plastic Pallets? Some Points to Consider

Plastic pallets may be durable or expendable, and additionally may come with many different options. Here are some factors to consider when looking for a new pallet design and/or supplier. Are there more options that should be considered? If so, please post below.

  • Material composition
  • Typical application
  • User references
  • Durability
  • Design – one or two piece
  • Pallet weight
  • Pallet height
  • Top deck: solid or vented?
  • Top deck surface options: lip, grommets, scuffing, spin disks, cleats
  • Washable in an automated system?
  • Designed for water drainage
  • Bottom deck style and coverage: nestable nine-leg, picture frame, cruciform, three or four runner, etc.
  • Static, dynamic load rating
  • Edge-rackable load rating
  • If edge-rackable, one direction or two?
  • Opening sizes
  • Fire rating
  • USDA or FDA approval
  • Warranty
  • Buy-back program for damaged pallets
  • RFID compatibility
  • Plant location, freight charges
  • Color, branding options
  • Price

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