Buckhorn Inc. Introduces First Mobile Washing Service for Reusable Plastic Bulk Seed Boxes

Buckhorn Inc, innovators of the first reusable plastic bulk box for seed, has found a way to help seed manufacturers maintain their fleet by introducing the industry’s first mobile washing service.

 “The customer should be able to remain focused on making the best seed product,” said Jon Bertolino, National Sales Manager for CenterFlow at Buckhorn.  “Too much money and time have been consumed preparing boxes for the upcoming season.   After researching multiple approaches, we designed a service offering that responded to our customer’s primary needs.”

Subsequently, Buckhorn Services was born, and the company developed and deployed its first mobile washing unit designed to travel directly to customer locations.  The primary benefit of the mobile washing unit is that it allows seed manufacturers to focus on their core business while reducing transportation expenses, container handling, labor challenges and time constraints.  Also, Buckhorn Services is able to wash in a matter of days what would normally take weeks or months.

Once on site, the washing unit is backed up to one of two adjacent dock doors.  A conveyor system is set up, so as boxes proceed through the washing unit, they re-enter through the adjacent door.  Set up and tear down is quickly managed by Buckhorn Services’ on-site team.

The customer can design a program to fit their needs.  They can choose to have the outside only washed for aesthetics, or the services team will wash both the inside and outside of the container for reclamation.  This helps customers simplify their operation by allowing them to use boxes that once contained treated seed for a non-treated seed application.

“Buckhorn Services arrived on time, set-up, cleaned the boxes to our satisfaction all in a short amount of time compared to transporting boxes long distances to be washed,” said Barry Warton, Plant Manager at Pioneer Hi-Bred in Elizabethtown, PA.   “I was really impressed with the work they did and their professional approach to servicing our business.  The entire team worked well together and blended well with our team.  Most importantly, everyone stayed safe while accomplishing the goal.”

For more information, e-mail services@buckhorninc.com or call 800-543-4454.