Britwrap Reusable Transit Covers wrap up Merseyside Innovation Award

Weir & Carmichael’s ‘Britwrap Reusable Transit Packaging’ has been awarded monthly winner for March in the Merseyside Innovation Awards. The covers, designed for retailers to dramatically reduce product damage in transit and massively reduce the need for disposable packaging, was recognised by the Merseyside Innovation Awards for innovation within Merseyside.

The Britwrap was selected amongst many other great innovations by a panel of industry sponsors and was recognised by the MIA for being an innovative product which has been a great source of profitability and growth for the company.

Business Development Manager Julia Pemberton said ‘We are delighted to have won the award for March. The Britwrap will help us target a niche market and we hope it will be a big growth area for the company.’ Made from thick woven polypropylene with strong Velcro fastenings and loop carry handles, the Britwrap is a packaging system which was recognised for its many environmental, cost reduction and user benefits.

The Reusable Transit Covers were designed to protect bulky and difficult to handle items throughout transportation. These include kitchen worktops and Mattress, Belfast sinks and carpet rolls. However, Weir & Carmichael state that the concept can be adapted to suit almost any product that requires a lot of disposable packaging or is awkward to lift.

View the Britwrap Promotional Video:

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