Britwrap – New E-Commerce Website for Innovative Reusable Packaging Brand

Weir & Carmichael, creator of innovative protective packaging solution the “Britwrap Reusable Transit Cover” announced the launch of a new e-commerce site specifically for the Britwrap brand.

Having been successful with many rollouts with major retail chains, the company hope the e-commerce site will support the growth of the Britwrap brand and provide a convenient platform for customers to purchase Britwrap products. It will also enable companies to make smaller quantity purchases direct from the site as well as being a vital source of information about the Britwrap packaging.

The Britwrap delivery packaging has been designed to help retailers eliminate product damage in transit and reduce the need for expensive disposable packaging. Made from thick woven polypropylene with strong Velcro fastenings and loop carry handles, Britwrap is a packaging system which provides many environmental, cost reduction and manual handling benefits.

One of the main benefits is the elimination of product damage. Product damage is a not only costly for the retailer, it is also a major inconvenience for the customer. Disposable packaging does not provide enough protection for large products meaning they are liable to damage in transit. It also means there are massive amounts of packaging that will go straight to landfill. This is costly and creates huge amounts of packaging waste.

Britwrap eliminates all these issues. It fully protects products during transit. Allows the retailer to either down spec or completely eliminate polythene or cardboard packaging providing substantial cost savings.

“Britwrap aims to capitalise on changes in attitudes towards sustainable packaging led by the big retailers. However, this change would usually mean an increase in costs. However, Britwrap provides the advantage of being reusable, which not only saves packaging costs but also cuts costs attributed to damaged returns.”

The Britwrap’s many innovative benefits were recognised at various awards throughout 2011. Winning the Green Business Award at the Liverpool Daily Post Regional Business Awards and nominated as one of the UK Country Representatives for Innovation at the European Business Awards.

Weir & Carmichael originated in 1955 selling Hessian sacks to businesses in Liverpool and is now run by the third generation of Williams family. Since then their product portfolio has grown substantially but they still traditionally sell through their head office in Bootle.

“We are thrilled to be able launch our first e-commerce site for the Britwrap, a product which has been instrumental in our recent growth and success.”  States Marketing Manager Julia Pemberton.  “Enabling this e-commerce platform will help us move in the right direction and develop the business further in line with the market place”

The Britwrap e-commerce site will be the only website offering this type of reusable protective packaging to buy online. Britwrap reusable transit packaging currently has two patents pending and holds full design rights for all products in the Britwrap range which includes kitchen worktop cover and mattress cover.

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