Brepal Calls for Pallet Repairs to Stay Legal on ISPM-15 Compliance

Logo_BREPAL-on-whiteBrepal, which regulates EPAL (European Pallet Association) business within the UK and Ireland has called for the used pallet and pallet repairing trade to ensure they stay within the law and follows ISPM 15 guidelines.

The request follows the Forestry Commission’s recent statement on ISPM 15, highlighting the need for importers and exporters to work together to comply, and the recent interventions to enforce the regulations.

Brepal CEO Paul Davidson said: “Brepal welcomes the recent advice issued by the Forestry Commission and the UK Wood Packaging Material Marketing Programme. It reminds companies repairing ISPM 15 marked wood packaging that complying with the UK regulations is simple: if repaired or remanufactured ISPM 15 marked pallets are not retreated by an authorised person then all the existing IPPC markings must be removed/obliterated. An offence is committed if this requirement is not complied with.”

He added that repairers should take a similar approach to EPAL pallets, as they are ISPM 15 compliant as standard.

“The position with regards to used EPAL pallets is similar,” he said. “EPAL have no rights over the pallet, only over the mark. If a repairer is not EPAL approved, they must simply paint out the EPAL trademark on any pallets they supply.”

“EPAL monitors its approved suppliers to ensure that both the law is obeyed in respect of ISPM 15, and the quality of EPAL pallet repairs is maintained. Users of euro pallet are strongly recommended to only buy used pallets from an EPAL approved supplier, a list of which is available from Brepal.”

Source: Brepal