Brenton Announces New BantamPro ELSP Combination System

Brenton’s new BantamPro ELSP combination system provides customers with a flexible alternative to upgrade their manual low speed hand packing and palletizing operations. The BantamPro ELSP occupies similar floor space on the packaging line as manual operations and less floor space compared to disparate supplier pieces of equipment integrated in the customer’s facility.

The BantamPro ELSP combination system accommodates RSC cases and automatically performs multiple packaging operations, including case erecting, loading, sealing, and palletizing sections within its compact footprint. Additional equipment integration, such as a labeler, semi-automatic pallet magazine and stretch wrapper, is available. The robotic loading pick-and-place module features interchangeable robot modules depending on desired cycle rates and payload capacities. The BantamPro ELSP is capable of 10 cpm or 20 picks per minute and product payloads up to 20 lbs. per pick.

“The new combination system is a good solution for contract packers, specialty product makers, limited time offers and new product launches,” said Troy Snader, Brenton Vice President of Sales. “The BantamPro ELSP integrates previously separate machine functions for a compact, all-in-one and low cost packaging solution.”


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