Brambles launches IFCO integration website to provide continuous updates to key stakeholders

Brambles is pleased to introduce, a resource for the most current information regarding its integration of IFCO Systems, the international logistics service provider it acquired on 4 April 2011. The purpose of the website is to communicate key information regarding the integration to Brambles’ stakeholders, including employees, customers, strategic partners and shareholders.

Brambles Group Vice President of IFCO Integration, Kim Rumph, said: “This website is designed to provide easily-accessible, current information to our valued stakeholders as the integration progresses. The interest and excitement about the value this acquisition creates, both internally and externally, has been very positive, and we want to keep everyone informed and energized about the results this acquisition will deliver.”

In addition to delivering updates on key project milestones and product and service offerings, the site will serve as a contact vehicle for stakeholders with questions regarding the integration. Questions may be submitted to Brambles via the site’s Contact Us page, and answers to the most commonly asked questions will then be placed on the site.

Rumph said: “We are committed to open and frequent communication throughout this integration. We see positive value for all of our stakeholder groups, and we want to keep them informed of that value as it is realized.”

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