Brambles Provides Historical View of Performance Under Segmental Reporting Structure

Brambles Limited announced a new segmental reporting structure with its full-year results on 17 August 2011. The company will report its half-year results on 16 February 2012 using this structure, which comprises the following four segments:

.. Pallets – comprising all CHEP pallet operations globally. Brambles will report results for the Pallets segment in three regions: Americas (including the IFCO Pallet Management Services business in the USA and the LeanLogistics business); Europe, Middle East & Africa (EMEA); and Asia-Pacific.
.. Reusable Plastic Crates (RPCs) – comprising Brambles’ global RPC operations under both the IFCO and CHEP brands.
.. Containers – comprising Brambles’ global intermediate bulk container (IBC) and automotive container
operations, the CHEP Catalyst & Chemical Containers (CCC) business and the newly-formed CHEP Aerospace Solutions operations.
.. Recall – Brambles’ information management business, for which the company is currently pursuing a
divestment process, as announced on 10 November 2011.

To enable comparisons with prior years, Brambles provides the tables in the attached annexure, which set out historical segment data under the new reporting structure. Read more about Brambles Segmental Reporting.

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