Brambles Announces Organizational Realignment and Changes to Executive Leadership Team

Brambles Chief Executive Officer Designate, Graham Chipchase, has announced a realignment of Brambles’ organizational structure and consequential changes to the Brambles Executive Leadership Team (“ELT”), to take effect from 1 March 2017.

Organizational Realignment

“Over the past five months, and particularly since I joined Brambles at the beginning of January,” Chipchase said, “I have been able to visit our major operations and offices and meet many of our senior executives and managers across the Group.

“The changes I announce today reflect the following important considerations:

  • a flattening of the organizational structure to enable me to be closer to the businesses and to achieve greater consistency of approach across the Group;
  • a streamlining of reporting lines in the functions;
  • the importance of BXB Digital to our future plans; and
  • the continuation of Brambles’ supply-chain solutions strategy.”

Under the new structure, CHEP operations will be managed as four regions with the Presidents of those regions reporting to Mr Chipchase.

  • Pallets Asia Pacific, comprising pallet operations in Asia Pacific and the Pallecon Asia Pacific business.
  • Pallets Europe, Middle East & Africa (EMEA), comprising pallet operations in Europe, Middle East, Africa and India and the Pallecon EMEA business, in addition to the Global Automotive business;
  • Pallets Latin America, comprising pallet operations in Latin America; and
  • Pallets North America, comprising pooled pallet operations in Canada and the USA, the CHEP Recycled business and the Pallecon North America business.

As a result of these changes, the divestment of CHEP Aerospace in December 2016 and the formation of the Hoover-Ferguson Group Joint Venture in October 2016, Brambles’ Containers operations will no longer form a separate segment. There will be no changes to the IFCO RPCs business structure or management.

Executive Leadership Team

Reflecting this realigned structure, Brambles’ ELT will comprise the following executives:
– Graham Chipchase, Chief Executive Officer
– Nessa O’Sullivan, Chief Financial Officer
– Jean Holley, Chief Information Officer
– Nick Smith, Group Senior Vice President, Human Resources
– Wolfgang Orgeldinger, Group President RPCs
– Mike Pooley, President, CHEP Pallets Europe, Middle East & Africa
– Kim Rumph, President, CHEP Pallets North America
– Phillip Austin, President, CHEP Pallets Asia Pacific
– Carmelo Alonso-Bernaola, Senior Vice President, Global Supply Chain
– Prasad Srinivasamurthy, President, BXB Digital
– Robert Gerrard, Group Vice President, Legal and Secretariat
The President of Pallets Latin America will report to Mr Chipchase, but will not be a member of the ELT.

“I am pleased to be able to add to the ELT a number of skilled and experienced executives from
within the business to supplement the existing high-quality executives already on that team,” Chipchase said. “I look forward to
working with them to drive our financial and operational success into the future.”

As a result of these changes, Peter Mackie and Jason Rabbino will both be leaving Brambles. Mackie will depart Brambles at the end of March. However, he will continue to work with Chipchase on an advisory basis on a number of strategic programs, until the end of September 2017. Rabbino will continue to oversee the Group Strategy function, before departing Brambles during mid-July 2017.

Mackie has served Brambles and CHEP with distinction for more than 15 years, most recently as Group President, Pallets from March 2013. Since joining Brambles in 2001, he has served in regional, operational and functional leadership roles of increasing seniority. Under his leadership, the Pallets segment has grown strongly, with the launch of new product lines, entry into new markets, a greatly improved set of customer satisfaction results and outstanding improvements in Zero Harm performance. He has developed a leadership team that is ready to take the business forward as he moves on with his executive career outside Brambles.

Rabbino has served as Group President, Containers since joining Brambles in May 2012, and held the additional role of Brambles’ Head of Group Strategy, Innovation & Sustainability from June 2014. During his tenure, he grew and developed the Containers businesses, supported Brambles’ portfolio optimization and helped position
Brambles as a recognized leader in the areas of innovation and sustainability.

“Although I have been with Brambles only a short while,” Chipchase said, “the significant contribution Peter and Jason have made to Brambles is clear to me so, on behalf of the Company, I want to thank them for their outstanding service. They have our very best wishes for the future.”