Brambles Announces Launch of CHEP Aerospace Solutions

Brambles Limited has announced the launch of CHEP Aerospace Solutions, the world’s largest independent network of pooled unit load devices (ULDs) and repair centres. ULDs are used by airlines for the in-flight transportation of cargo, baggage and mail.

CHEP Aerospace Solutions will provide ULD pooling services as well as outsourced repair and maintenance of ULDs and airline galley carts to the aviation sector, through a global network of service and repair centres.

The formation of CHEP Aerospace Solutions forms part of Brambles’ global strategy of expanding its containers pooling business, which commenced with the acquisition of Unitpool in August 2010. In June 2011, Brambles purchased JMI Aerospace, which provided a network of repair and maintenance facilities for ULDs and galley carts.

To further enhance this new business unit, Brambles has entered into an agreement to acquire Driessen Services, a specialist in the outsourced repair and maintenance of ULDs and airline galley equipment, for an enterprise value of €7.5 million (US$10.3 million1). Completion of this acquisition is subject to conditions usual in transactions of this

Once the Driessen Services acquisition completes, CHEP Aerospace Solutions will operate through 41 global
service and repair centres. CHEP Aerospace Solutions will be led by Dr Ludwig Bertsch, who was the founder of Unitpool and has over 20 years management experience in the industry.

Follow this link to a more detailed discussion of the CHEP Aerospace announcement.

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