Brambles Acquires Paramount Pallet

Over a year ago we reported on the renewed interest of Brambles in expanding its equipment pooling empire. has learned that Canada’s Paramount Pallet has been acquired by Brambles, parent of CHEP, IFCO and CAPS. Paramount is well known in the Canadian market as the country’s only pallet company with depot locations across the country, with the exception of CHEP. Paramount was formed after the company was divested by IFCO in 2005. IFCO forerunner PalEx had earlier purchased Superior Pallet in 2000. Superior Pallet is a CPC member, and is in active in some industries of note where CHEP does not have a presence – such as the Canadian beer industry.

Paramount Pallets statement:

We are delighted to announce a major milestone for the Paramount Pallet business that will help expand the range of services we offer to our customers.  Today, Paramount Pallet, LP became part of the Brambles family, and we are very excited about the transaction.

Paramount will continue to operate as a separate brand and operation.  Combined, CHEP Canada, and Paramount will operate across 34 locations in six of Canada’s provinces, employing more than 750 people dedicated to serving our customers.  Paramount Pallet will continue its existing operations, including the services we provide to CPC members.

As Paramount and CHEP begin to work together on joint product and service offerings, you will continue to enjoy the levels of service your currently receive from both organizations.

We are very excited about the possibilities that this transaction presents.  This strategic partnership will enhance our overall capabilities and offerings by leveraging the infrastructure, knowledge base and capabilities of both Paramount and CHEP to better serve your needs.


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