Box Latch™ Seals without Damage, Promotes Box Reuse

With Box Latch™ you can seal corrugated cardboard and plastic boxes without damaging them. The result – boxes can be used over and over, saving money and protecting the environment in the process. The Box Latch™ was developed by Jack Wilson, a lifetime Wisconsin resident and inventor, and offered by Eco-Latch Systems, LLC, located in Jefferson, Wisconsin.

This innovative product has a patent-pending design that allows it to grip and seal the top and bottom flaps of any corrugated boxes. Since the Box Latch™ does no damage to the boxes, as does packing tape, both the boxes and Box Latches™ can be used dozens of times.

The easy to use Box Latch™ is made of lightweight, yet, durable recycled plastic. Simply slide it onto the top and/or bottom flaps of the box where they meet. To remove, slide it off the same way you slid it on.

Box Latches™ can be ordered online at Businesses and individuals alike can customize Box Latches™ by uploading their logo. For more information, contact the Box Latch™ Customer Service Center at 920-541-3404 or email to

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