Posti Collaborates With K Hartwall to Lower Its Total Cost of Ownership

Posti Taps K Hartwall for 6,000 Roll Cages

Increasingly, we see collaborative relationships between reusable packaging vendors and their customers. Case in point is the relationship between K Hartwall and Posti, as outlined in a K Hartwell blog.

Posti looked to K Hartwall for the supply of 6,000 roll cages earlier this year to support operations ranging from delivering  letters and parcels up to bigger items like household appliances. “To find a cost-effective and innovative domestic partner is a double win for us. It means that we can ensure the quality and reliability of the products but also increase the flexibility for long-term development of our load carriers”, Jan Malmberg, Posti’s Sourcing Manager, was quoted.

Posti is also interested in exploring opportunities such as temperature-controlled tracking and asset control to prevent loss.

“K. Hartwall is more than a supplier to us,” Malmberg continued. “They are doing more than just roll containers. Together, we can find and develop solutions to our changing needs. The fact that K.Hartwall is just behind the door allows also to meet often, do quality checks and develop fast new ideas which can be first tested on a smaller scale. We would not be able to act in such a flexible way with a supplier abroad”.

Posti is very interested in tracking solutions. “We will in the near future identify and test a variety of tracking techniques that utilise, for example, RFID, NFC or Bluetooth technology to track our load carriers. The aim is to achieve better control of the fleet in order to ensure that the right amount of load carriers are in the right place at the right time. Reducing the waste of load carriers is also an important issue for Posti as it has direct impact on costs”, Malmberg stated.

According to K Hartwall, Posti is concerned about the total cost of ownership for roll cages, including a cost-efficient repair and maintenance program. It suggests that transparent cooperation between Posti, K Hartwall and the repair workshop will play a key role in achieving better results.