Berry Plastics Announces Will Offer Pharmaceutical Products on Plastic Pallets

In response to the ongoing issues related to pallet contamination in pharmaceutical applications, and based on success internally with a plastic pallet program, Berry Plastics is now offering the shipment of pharmaceutical products on plastic pallets. The company states that initiative is a response to the negative consequences many of its customers have faced with their use of other pallets. In an effort to tightly control the supply chain, Berry Plastics will offer closed loop shipping solutions with customers. The result will be to establish and adhere to best practices while providing the finest product experience available while mitigating the risks associated with typical pallets.

plastic pallet structural foam,structural foam pallet

Berry’s structural foam pallet is nestable.

“Berry has seen these benefits internally by implementing 20,000+ into our Evansville, IN facility,” Amy Westland of Berry Plastics explained in a recent email. “Once we saw the benefits internally, we decided to share this value added program with our top customers. The best part of this program is that our goal for every program is to provide all the benefits of plastic pallets at a cost neutral price to our them!”

Berry Plastics is currently offering both structural foam and extruded plastic pallets. The structural foam pallet has the benefit of being nestable, whereas the extruded pallet can be easily customized and works well in racking systems. “We work with our
customers to determine which pallet will work best for their specific application,” Amy noted. Berry has seen a very positive response to this offer from its current customer base for work-in-process and closed loop applications.

This initiative is strategically aligned with Berry’s ongoing sustainability programs, and positioned to contribute to its customers’ sustainability initiatives. The plastic pallets are manufactured with 100% regrind generated from Berry’s manufacturing processes. According to Berry, these lightweight, plastic pallets are more durable than wooden pallets, will not splinter, have no nails, and therefore have no protruding nail heads that damage packaging. Most importantly, Berry stresses that it plastic pallets will not absorb liquids and are impervious to infestation and contamination.

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