Bed, Bath & Beyond Ltd – In Bed with Loscam!

Leading equipment pooling solutions provider, LOSCAM has announced that Bed, Bath & Beyond Ltd, New Zealand’s largest manchester specialist, has appointed Loscam as its provider of managed pooled pallets across the country.

The new agreement between the two companies will see Loscam become the sole pallet provider for Bed Bath & Beyond. The pallets supplied will be Loscam’s highly regarded 4-way pallet that is bringing cost savings and handling and safety benefits to customers in New Zealand.

“The approach taken by Loscam to understanding our needs and where they can assist us to unlock value has been excellent. The transition to Loscam pallets has gone extremely well and we are confident this will result in a very cost effective solution for our business”, said Bed Bath & Beyond’s Distribution Manager, Jessica Hough.

“We strive daily to offer our customers the biggest range at the most competitive prices. Bed Bath and Beyond began in 1995 under the name “Linen for Less” selling seconds and over runs from a bedding manufacturer in Auckland. Since then Bed Bath & Beyond had a name change and have expanded from 4 stores in Auckland to 51 stores nationwide. Bed Bath & Beyond is now New Zealand’s only specialist retailer of linen and manchester related products”, Jessica said.

LOSCAM New Zealand Business Manager, Nick Trask, said “LOSCAM’s nationwide network and level of acceptance across New Zealand has been key to the agreement. Our pooling model gives our customers the flexibility to expand and contract as and when demand dictates.”

Source: Loscam

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