B2B Industrial Packaging Offers New Easy to Stretch Hand Film, Low-Noise Blown Film and Tips for Choosing Stretch Film

Leading stretch film supplier B2B Industrial Packaging, just announced two new Sigma stretch films recently arrived on the market and also offers guidelines for choosing stretch film.

B2B Industrial Packaging President Bill Drake said, “We are very enthusiastic about two new stretch films that Sigma has on the market now. Both of these products are already industry leaders in their categories.”

Sigma Steel requires 25-50% less effort to stretch, when compared with competing films, while meeting or exceeding the containment of other conventional hand films. It stretches to the point of lock up. The product has a yield that is at least 15% better than the closest competitor.

Sigma’s Vortex film is tough enough to handle applications such as hard to package “C” type loads, high speed ring wrappers for carpet and fibers, extraordinarily heavy pallets, or extremely valuable products that require exceptional unitization. The product is highly engineered, co-extruded, one side cling blown film that combines superior extrusion technology with metallocene resins. It has all the strength and puncture resistance of blown film without the traditionally harsh noise that blown film makes when it comes off the roll.

“The market trend has been toward thinner films for the last 10 years,” Drake said. “However we don’t believe that thinner is always better. When recommending stretch film, we always consider what product is being wrapped and which solutions are safest and most cost-effective.”

According to Sigma Stretch Film Sales Representative Joe Rock, there is an art to choosing stretch film that requires a level of experience in the field and a commitment to staying on top of industry advances. He agrees with Drake that thinner isn’t always the way to go. “The trend is toward a lighter weight gauge, but thinner isn’t necessarily better,” he said. “Choosing the correct gauge can have a profound effect on load stability, product protection, and ultimately the bottom line.”

B2B Industrial Packaging subscribes to Sigma’s selection method, which is called Rite-Gauging. It is the application of the correct film, thickness, overlap, revolutions and force-to-load to ensure equal containment force to the top, middle and bottom of the pallet. This method sets a containment standard that is measurable, repeatable, reduces risk and variance and is cost/pallet effective.

End users tend to think of stretch film in terms of cost per roll and may have the misconception that a thin film protects as well or almost as well and more substantial stretch film. Although thin film does makes sense in some applications, using a film that is too thin creates a damage risk for the contents of the pallet.

“Sigma and B2B Industrial Packaging have a strong partnership,” Rock said. “The people are what make B2B Industrial great. They are conscientious, courteous and enthusiastic. They provide top quality service and go above and beyond to provide value to their clients.”

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