Axios Receives First Purchase Order From Ongweoweh Corporation

Axios Mobile Assets Corporation has received a purchase order for the first 20 percent of its first year requirements toward fulfilling a five-year $300 million (USD) contract with Ongweoweh Corporation. Axios will begin shipments of its  composite pallet and technology platform to Ongweoweh in October and complete shipments for the order by December 31, 2012.

“This purchase order supports our long-term manufacturing and production plans and serves as further industry acceptance for large-scale adoption of Axios’ pallet and technology platform within the logistics community,” said Richard MacDonald, Axios president and chief executive officer. “Our production strategy is well underway and we’ll be working closely with Ongweoweh as we introduce the Axios solution to the marketplace.”

“At Ongweoweh, we’re pleased with Axios’ progress towards full production and look forward to being the first in the industry to add the Axios platform for our clients’ logistics solutions,” said Dave Wickwire, executive vice president and chief financial officer of Ongweoweh.

This purchase order solidifies Axios’ large-scale manufacturing plans for its pallet and technology platform, and further positions Axios for additional contracts with retailers and manufacturers in the supply chain. Axios states that its solution is ideal for both open- or closed-loop environments and complements asset-based, third party logistics providers who wish to differentiate themselves in the marketplace.

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