Axios Mobile Becomes Exclusive Pallet Supplier to Two Major Egg Suppliers

axiosAxios Mobile Assets Corporation, based in Vaughan, Ontarion, has announced the expansion of its relationship with Trillium and Centrum Valley Farms, located in Ohio and Iowa, respectively. With this expansion, the two egg producers will completely convert to the Company’s pooled lightweight pallet solution, increasing Axios-serviced distribution centers from two to thirteen. The additional DCs will provide Axios with growth opportunities by increasing the size of the company’s pool and number of issuances, establishing new lanes and driving additional revenue.

“This expansion resonates with our growth plan,” said Axios President and CEO, Richard MacDonald. “Our current growth strategy focuses on the egg market, cold storage and the perishable goods vertical. This network roll-out provides us with more connectivity and the ability to expand the network into new sales opportunities and retailers.”

What’s more, MacDonald said, we are pleased to assist Trillium and Centrum in the supply chain containment of the avian flu because of the Axios proprietary material and washing protocol. Doug Mack, COO – Trillium Farms, stated, “In our efforts to ensure flock safety and biosecurity compliance, we wanted to adopt the Axios solution across the board because of its superior platform, performance, data collection and phytosanitary attributes.”

Axios Mobile Assets Corp. offers a comprehensive logistics solution for customers involving a lightweight composite pallet enabled with RFID, as well as an integrated data management system.