Axios Mobile Assets to Provide a Third US Regional Egg Producer With Pallets

axiosAxios Mobile Assets Corporation of Vaughn, Ontario has entered into a multi-year service and pooling contract with a U..S regional egg producer. The agreement will extend use of the Axios Solution — an advanced logistics system, providing greater visibility of both the clients palletized load and pallet together, monitoring location and other aspects of the lightweight RFID Axios composite pallets — into the eastern United States. The egg producer supplies eggs and egg products to customers in New York, Pennsylvania and over 10 other eastern states.

“We are very pleased to be working with this egg producer and view this new relationship as an important step in our nationwide rollout of the Axios logistics solution in the perishable foods industry,” said Rich MacDonald, President and CEO of Axios Mobile Assets. “Each new jurisdiction we develop a presence in brings the opportunity to increase shipping density with additional producers, and additional product verticals, so geographic expansion is a strategic focus for us.”

Axios’ pooling and retrieval group will work in conjunction with the producer to implement the launch and will begin supporting deliveries in the month of August.

Recently, Axios announced an expansion of its service arrangement with two other regional egg producers.

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Source: Axios Mobile Assets