Axios Mobile Assets Signs Letter of Intent to Supply Soy-Based Resin Pallet Solution

Ontario-based Axios Mobile Assets Corporation (CNSX: AXA) has announced the signing of a letter of intent to supply its green pallet system to J.D. Smith and Sons Limited for use in its integrated, asset based, third party warehousing and transportation solutions. Under a supply arrangement, Axios will provide their bio-resin pallets equipped with the Axios proprietary software and RFID tags for use in several J.D. Smith and Sons’ customer specific supply chain solutions.

Axios claims that its composite pallets, which are engineered from a recyclable soy-based resin, provide a stronger, lighter and more cost-effective distribution solution than traditional wood and plastic pallets. The company states that Axios pallet contains RFID tags for tracking capabilities, which can also assist in calculating carbon emissions to determine the environmental impact of distribution. By leveraging the Axios platform, J.D. Smith and Sons expects to derive greater operational efficiencies including improved payloads due to reduced pallet weight, as well as increased durability and cleanliness. They will also be able to offer their customers additional value added services by utilizing the pallets’ RFID-based visibility for pallet and shipment tracking.

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