Award Winning Beverage Crate Accommodates Diverse Beer Bottle Styles

Pooling provider finds a compromise between more than 150 beer bottle designs in the German market and the standardization needed for reusable/refillable systems to work efficiently.

Pit Klepatz, at left, accepts the award at the ReUse Conference.

“What would the perfect reusable world for the beverage industry look like?” With that question Pit Klepatz, Sales Manager of Logipack Pool GmbH started his presentation at the 6th European ReUse-Conference, held March 2017 in Brussels, Belgium. He observed that if there was only be one type of refillable bottle and a single, complementary logistics system, the beverage industry would have no problems in optimizing its material handling approach. Unfortunately, the reality of the German beer market is more complex. The title of his presentation was Standardization of Reusable Packaging and Components: The Key to Efficiency and Sustainability within the Supply Chain.

While glass is still the preferred material for beverage packaging, Klepatz noted that there are at least 150 types of reusable bottles just for beer in the German market. “That variety creates an inefficiency”, he said. But Logipack is coping with that challenge by providing one solution for reusable individual bottles of various types. As a container pooling provider, Logipack developed unique, non-branded carrier systems compatible for the wide range of refillable bottles on the market. Moreover, Logipack offers a complete packaging service solution which includes the sorting of reusable bottles.

Logipack displays its various reusable beverage packaging solutions.

Logipack Pool was awarded the European Refillable Award at the 2017 Reuse-Conference “for their intelligent concept of multifunctional and neutrally designed carriers, which facilitate the logistics for reusable bottles in its “LOGIPACK-Cycles” system.

The Logipack solution allows the processing of reusable bottles at a single location. As a result, the dwell time of empty reusable bottles can be decreased significantly through the reduction of transport distances and more frequent pickup. According to Logipack, CO2 emissions associated with its system can be 40% less than retrieval systems specific to a specific bottle type.

Klepatz commented that consumers should be able to distinguish reusable beverage packaging from the environmental unfriendly disposable ones with the help of clear labeling on bottles. Klepatz noted that the benefits of reusable bottles should be urgently communicated to the public via different media campaigns to help generate awareness.

Congratulations to Logipack Pool GmbH’s award winning reusable packaging system and its recognition through the European Refillable Award at the 2017 ReUse-Conference.