Avoid the Landfill with Presswood Pallets

Vienna, Ohio, March 14, 2011 – Last year, Litco International, Inc. (www.litco.com), North America’s leading source of presswood pallets, kept 22 million pounds, or 11,000 tons, of wood waste from the landfill. That’s equal to 600,000 of Litco’s presswood pallets that would otherwise have been scrapped.

“Those numbers reflect the importance of sustainability to Litco’s Molded Products Group,” says Gary Sharon, vice president. “We are committed to respecting our environment and ensuring that all of our Inca presswood products leave the world a better place.”

Presswood products, including Inca brand pallets, plugs and cores, are a complement to corporate sustainability initiatives.

For instance, Inca brand products are Cradle to Cradle(R) certified (http://www.mbdc.com/).

They are source reducing because they up-cycle pre- and post-consumer wood waste as the main material in the products.

Inca pallets used for transport packaging are up to 60% lighter than conventional green hardwood pallets and further reduce transportation, energy and handling costs.

Since they are made from wood byproducts, presswood pallets can be up-cycled into a variety of uses.

In addition to manufacturing sustainable products, Litco offers a variety of waste recovery and management programs in selected areas of the U.S. to avoid sending products to the landfill when they reach the end of their useful life. These services include:

1.) The pickup and sorting of truckloads of good, used presswood pallets and core plugs for ultimate resale and reuse.

The value of the products may vary depending on the product, size, condition, amount of usable product and location.

2.) The pickup of truckloads of used, broken presswood products. The cost of the removal services varies by geographic location.

3.) At Litco, we extend our collection services to other clean wood materials manufactured by other suppliers. We have the ability to up-cycle most natural and engineered wood materials made with adhesives.

4.) If you purchase wood fiber, Litco offers for sale used wood that is useful as a raw material for new products, absorbents, animal bedding, composting, boiler fuel and other applications. Litco’s Inca brand wood materials are clean, low moisture, free of nails, staples and chemical additives such as TBA, TBP & TCA. The weight per load is approximately 19 tons which helps to make them cost effective to transport. Our wood fiber materials have a 6,926 BTU/ton value as tested by SGS North America Inc. and for positive compost usability by the Ohio State University. Test results are available upon request.

Litco continues to explore new applications for the spent Inca materials. Please contact us to discuss your individual wood waste use or removal needs at www.litco.com or call 877-504-7954.

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Litco International Inc., based in Vienna, Ohio, is North America’s leading source of presswood pallets. Made from pre- and post-consumer wood chips in a patented molding process, presswood pallets offer shippers a number of advantages over traditional wood pallets, including lower cost and lower weight. Litco also provides plastic pallets and a variety of other shipping products, including separator boards, core plugs, dunnage bags and void fill, as well as pallet management, leasing and other services. Litco was established in 1962 and ships from facilities in Vienna and Dover, Ohio, Sardis, Miss. And Wellford, SC. For more information, visit www.litco.com

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