Avatan Announces New Plastic Pallet

UK based handling materials supplier Avatan (www.avatan.co.uk) has announced a new plastic pallet. According to Avatan, the pallet, which is available in three basic formats, combines the lightweight stack-ability of plastic with cost effective pricing and sensible moulding to deliver heavy duty and light duty storage solutions across the board.

The first pallet, the PP –ER80L, weighs in at 17kg and measures 800mm x 1200mm x 155mm. It’s a heavy duty four way entry plastic pallet that features free forks entry on its shorter sides and non slip skids on the longer sides. With a 1500 kg floor standing load capability, and a 1000 kg racked up load, the PP-ER80L offers a diverse solution for most warehouses.

The second version of the new pallet is a regular floor pallet, designed to accept loads of up to 1250 kg when used to store floor standing loads. This is a basic warehousing pallet unsuitable for racking loads in excess of 350 kg: weighing in at 13kg it offers ideal light storage when not in use.

The third plastic pallet, the PP-ER100C, with an overall dimension of 1000mm x 1200mm x 165 mm, and a free standing weight of 26 kg, is a heavy duty pallet capable of racking 1250 kg, or supporting a floor load of 1500 kg. It has no free entry ports for forks – instead, it’s got guided loading holes that ensure total security when raising a full load onto a high racking shelf.

For more information, visit Avatan (www.avatan.co.uk/all-new-plastic-pallets.html).

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