Automated Solution for Order Selection of Produce in Reusable Containers Wins Award

Spanish supermarket chain Eroski, Ulma Handling Systems, and logistics service provider Euro Pool System received the award for the Best Logistics Project from the Spanish organisation, ‘Club de la Logistíca’ for a collaborative reusable packaging project. The award was presented to the three companies in recognition of their pioneering cooperation initiative, and relates to the automatic order picking of reusable packaging for fresh produce in Eroski’s consolidation centre in Madrid. “We are delighted with this award,” said Bartolomé Saro, Director of Euro Pool System Spain.

The jury highly commended the innovative nature of the cooperation between the three companies, which has allowed Eroski to become the first supermarket chain in Spain to use an automatic order picking system for fresh produce. Automatic order picking became feasible for all of Eroski’s fresh produce suppliers once the reusable packaging from Euro Pool System had been adopted; the containers from Euro Pool System are strong and durable such that they enable mechanized order picking. Ulma Handling Systems designed and constructed the automatic order picker, while Euro Pool System leases the machine to Eroski, providing a cost-effective solution for all parties.

Improved efficiency

The senior management teams of the three companies have expressed their satisfaction with the award. “It shows that intensive cooperation between companies can lead to true innovations. We are delighted to be able to contribute to our client Eroski in saving on logistics costs,” said Bartolomé Saro, Director of Euro Pool System Spain. “The automatic order picker resulted in a 30 percent reduction in transport kilometres, a faster product throughput, a 15 percent saving on labour costs, fewer errors and a better product quality.”

Seven nominated projects

Every year since 2005, the Spanish club of logistics managers has been presenting an award in three categories: Best Logistics Management, Best Logistics Company and Best Logistics Project. The Eroski, Ulma and Euro Pool System initiative was selected from seven nominated projects. The awards were presented at the Eurobuilding in Madrid.

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