Free Pallets – Ten Places Where to Find Free or Low Cost Pallets

    Editor's note: Do you have pallets you need to be removed? People looking for pallets have posted their contact information in the comment section below. Wondering where to find free or low-cost pallets? I often receive inquiries about where to find such pallets to start a home craft project, or more steady sources of … [Read more...]

Millwood Acquires CORE Erosion Control Services

Purchase Means New Product Brand, Additional Erosion Services Vienna, OH, October 2019 – Millwood, Inc. finalized the purchase of CORE Erosion Control Services in September. With it comes a new product brand and Millwood’s 30th location nationwide. “We are excited to announce this acquisition,” Lionel Trebilcock, regional whitewood … [Read more...]

SSI SCHAEFER Announces Sales Agreement for Woodbridge’s Expanded Particle Foam Packaging

Schaefer Systems International, Inc., a leader in reusable packaging systems, has entered into a sales agreement with Woodbridge, a global systems solution provider of fully integrated foam products. The Packaging Systems Division within SSI SCHAEFER will act as the sales entity pursuing returnable, molded particle foam packaging opportunities and … [Read more...]

Reusables Boost Payload by 10% Versus One-Way Packaging

DS Smith Plastics, Worldwide Dispensers has replaced its one-way packaging with Stackabox™ Hybrid reusable and collapsible dispensing containers to supply molded taps for the beverage industry.  The challenge DS Smith Plastics, Worldwide Dispensers business segment has been looking to improveefficiencies in their supply  chain by … [Read more...]

Sobeys pilots Smart Cart, the first intelligent grocery shopping cart

The grocery supply chain deals with obstructions from start to finish. From inbound ingredient receiving to outbound shipping, then to the DC receiving dock through order assembly and retail delivery, there are plenty of checkpoints that act as bottlenecks. Necessary as they might be to verify shipment accuracy, they slow the flow of goods. … [Read more...]

CHEP, Kimberly-Clark and SmartWay Logistics find the formula to reduce empty running and CO2 emissions through logistics collaboration

Kimberly-Clark’s logistics supplier will share trucks with the pallet pooling company CHEP on the Czech Republic – UK route, reducing empty running by at least 10 percent. SmartWay Logistics, the 4PL brand of Van der Wal, will act as a trustee and operations partner. Utrecht, 21 October 2019 - Starting from September 2019, trucks transporting … [Read more...]

Smithers’ ranks top 20 sustainable technologies driving future growth for foodservice packaging

Single-use foodservice packaging is increasingly having its future defined by the sustainability agenda. This is creating new opportunities for innovative materials and foodservice formats that can match the performance of existing pack designs with a lower carbon footprint, according to Smithers. Smithers latest market report ‘Sustainable … [Read more...]

Ship & Shore Environmental, Inc. Opens Manufacturing Facility in China

Economic conditions do not deter trans-Pacific pursuit  of delivering the pollution abatement technology China requires to meet its environmental goals Long Beach, CA, October 23, 2019 - Ship & Shore Environmental, Inc., a multinational environmental pollution abatement and energy solutions firm, announced that it has opened a new … [Read more...]

Plastics producers in danger of becoming household names for all the wrong reasons

By John Richardson, Senior Consultant Asia, ICIS THE PLASTICS or polymers industry was for many years a hidden industry. For most of its history, nobody has known much about the plastics business because it is sandwiched between oil and gas and a huge variety of finished goods. The meat cannot be seen because of the high visibility of the bread … [Read more...]

Bakers Basco increases GPS tracking devices in bakery equipment by 300%

As part of its continued efforts to crack down on the potential abuse and misuse of its bread baskets and dollies, Bakers Basco is stepping up its technology investment by increasing the number of GPS tracking devices across its bakery equipment pool by 300%. Working with specialised technology partners, Bakers Basco has introduced a number of new … [Read more...]