Two or Four Way Pallets?

 John Shawyer, the author, is Director of Associated Pallets. He explains the basic differences of 4-way and 2-way pallets. To the uninitiated eye, a pallet is simply a pallet. We're aware of wooden pallets in use in DIY stores or see them supporting tinned goods in the supermarket, but how many of us know the difference between a two-way pallet … [Read more...]

What is the future of our wood market and what are we going to do going forward?

A frequent contributor, John Shawyer is Director of Associated Pallets   Finding enough wood at an economic price to use in an ever increasing variety of pallet shapes and sizes is just one of the challenges facing pallet manufacturers in the coming years. The problems started with the 2007/8 financial crisis and ensuing recession … [Read more...]

ISPM 15 Extension in Europe

Author: John Shawyer is Director of Associated Pallets Under the current International Standards for Phytosanitary Measures No. 15 (ISPM 15), wooden packaging materials such as pallets and crates that are transported into the European Union or exported from Portugal need to be heat-treated to eliminate all risks of pest and bacteria … [Read more...]

Logistics Trends for 2014

One of the key issues of 2014 for logistics will be compliance. As many businesses extend their reach across the globe to an increasing number of countries with many different sets of regulations, it will be vital to monitor levels of compliance across all these transactions. In order to achieve this, supply chain transparency will need to be … [Read more...]

Ways to Create a Green Supply Chain for a Sustainable Future

For modern businesses, the need to achieve operational efficiencies, deliver quality customer service and achieve environmental goals is important. For this reason, the supply chain plays a vital role in enabling the achievement of business goals. Ultimately, the use of a ‘green’ supply chain can be used to deliver – and exceed upon – customer … [Read more...]

Plastic pallets design: stackable or nestable pallets?

John Shawyer is Director of Associated Pallets. There are many reasons why a business customer would choose a pallet made of plastic rather than wood. • Synthetic materials are lighter than wood, in particular any form of engineered timber. • Plastic pallets are cleaner to work with and provide some considerable long-term savings in … [Read more...]

ISPM15 – Make sense of the Regulations and Declarations

Author: John Shawyer is Director of Associated Pallets For any company that exports goods around the world, it is essential that any wood packaging you use complies with ISPM15 regulations. This will help prevent any delays or additional costs being incurred when goods reach their destination. What is ISPM15? ISPM15 (International … [Read more...]

European Pallet Sizes Explanation – Freight and your Business Logistics

Author: John Shawyer is Director of Associated Pallets Choosing the correct size and type of pallet is important for several reasons. These include optimising available storage space, keeping transport costs down and ensuring efficient handling of goods during transport. There are many sizes available but the country or region of the world is … [Read more...]