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Steel Pallet Systems Announces New Blunt Edge

img_6433-1Steel Pallet Systems has introduced a new blunt edge feature to its product line (shown at right,) enabling ease of handling by forklift operators. The company is currently working on a welded model to eliminate the need for rivets.


Vinayak Polymers Doubles Its Production Capacity

Vinayak Polymers, one of the fastest growing manufacturers of bulk bags in Asia, has recently doubled its production capacity from 150,000 FIBCs per month to almost 300,000 FIBCs/ month. The company is one of the leading suppliers of packaging solutions such as quality big bags to European countries such as Sweden, France, Italy, Netherlands, and Belgium and also to Canada and USA. The company is proudly managed and run by a team of young professionals who are highly committed to satisfy all its customers for all FIBC requirements.

The production plant of Vinayak Polymers is built according to BRC and AIB guidelines. The plant has 100% bird and pest control features with no open able windows and wood inside. The range of its FIBCs includes food grade bags with or without liners, filling spout or skirt top and open top, 4/2/1 Loop FIBCs, asbestos bags, container bags, UN Bags, ventilated bags, baffle bag, and many more. Vinayak Polymers is very much capable of delivering customized products according to the requirements of individual customers with a very short response time (under 24 hours) to any customer query.


Loscam Asia standards pallet color to standardize pallet pooling across the Asia Pacific

Loscam Asia recently announced that it is switching its pallet color from safety yellow to red, to standardize across its operations. The initiative shall allow inter-region and cross-border pallet pooling for its customers. Loscam pioneered the pooling of pallets in the Southeast Asia region in Singapore around 1993.

loscam red


Loscam Introduces a New Corporate Structure to Support Innovation

Loscam has also unveiled a new structure that should allow it to deliver enhanced local management responsibilities while ensuring that the company manages to boost its R&D capacities. Three of Loscam’s regions shall continue under the leadership of its existing Executive Vice Presidents Sirin Limpaitoon (South East Asia), Daniel Bunnett (Australia and New Zealand) and Tai Chingnam (Greater China). A new position known as the Vice President Customer Solutions has also been created under its new structure and has been charged with ensuring that all customer solution efforts across the entire group is centralized.

Loscam has further introduced new customer solutions across the market in the Asia Pacific region. The new structure should help Locam to be able to satisfy the ever increasing demands from CPG companies and retail companies for creating innovative and exciting packaging solutions that allow customers to optimize their supply chains. According to Mark Daniel, the President of China Merchants Loscam, these new initiatives shall reflect Loscam’s ongoing journey to drive innovation and also meet the ever changing needs of Loscam customers so as to build long lasting supply relationships.


Cardboard Pallets Available In Distribution Centers in Australia

International – MYER recently in a press release announced that used cardboard pallets are available in their distribution centers throughout Australia. The company uses cardboard pallets to move their products from Asia to Australia. Goods are removed at the DCs of the company and put aside. Currently, the company has accumulations available. Companies can easily collect cardboard pallets from DCs located in Perth, Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne.

The pallets, used only once, can handle 500 kg, with dimensions of 115 x 105 x 13. To find out more, please contact Ismail Kirim, International – MYER

Phone: 03 8667 7892 Mail:


BestFriends Beverage Containers Co., Ltd to attend the Craft Brewers Conference

BestFriends Beverage Containers Co., Ltd, a China based keg manufacturer, has recently announced that it will attend the Craft Brewers Conference to be held April 14-17, 2015 in Portland, Oregon.   BestFriends Beverage uses state of the art automatic technology in their production plants and only a few companies in China can produce similar quality kegs, according to the company. The company is looking to find U.S distributor for their products.


Amtek Pallet and Horen Plastic

Australian Bede Whiteford, President of U.S. based Amtek Pallet, reports that his innovative wood/plastic hybrid pallet is being tested by a major pallet user in the Asia Pacific region.

Horen Plastic, Shanghai-based manufacturer of bulk reusable packaging, will be exhibiting at the Food Processing Expo in Sacramento, California, February 18 – 19, 2015 .


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