AS/RS Optimization with EUROTEC™ Drop-In Bins

EUROTEC drop in bin

Drop-in bins offer the benefits of multiple SKU containers for AS/RS sysem optimization, with additional potential benefits versus dividers

Edinburgh, IN – Georg Utz, Inc. has announced the production of EUROTEC™ drop-in bins. With the demand for automated storage and retrieval systems integration at an all-time high, companies across the globe are searching for ways to maximize efficiency in their supply chain. EUROTEC™ drop-in bins offer opportunities to improve both picking and decanting procedures in terms of space, speed, and accuracy. 

Georg Utz developed the drop-in bins to solve the challenges surrounding small part picking by increasing ease and improving the accuracy of the pick. Separation of multiple SKUs located within the containers of an automated storage and retrieval system maximizes space utilization within the container. Unlike dividers, the EUROTEC™ drop-in bins have the capability to be conveyed individually outside of the storage container which allows for further system optimization.  The result is better accuracy and less chance of human error during the pick. One SKU is stored in each drop-in bin thus alleviating the possibility of picking from the wrong section of a divided container. 

Furthermore, the EUROTEC™ drop-in bins offer a unique sidewall engagement to ensure the bins can be used individually without shifting, providing stability during conveyance. The bins are made from impact grade PP.  This is a much quieter solution than what is offered from other suppliers, which helps mitigate the risk and exposure to workplace noise hazards that can cause permanent, incurable hearing loss.  

Additional features were designed for optimizing storage space within the drop-in bins including their unique shape and size. They are formed with a curved bottom eliminating tight corners allowing for easier picking of small items that might otherwise stick in tight corners. And the smaller footprint can dramatically decrease the workspace required for picking and decanting, improving the overall efficiency of the system.  

When asked why Utz decided to develop the drop-in bins, Michael Chiado, President of the Americas at Georg Utz explained “There’s an advantage to be able to sub-optimize the pick. Being able to take a sub-divided portion, route it separately and pick from the individual container’s SKU could provide opportunities in both the picking and decanting in terms of space, speed, and accuracy.” 

Georg Utz is a globally operating specialist for the development, manufacture, and distribution of plastic-made reusable packaging systems for transport, warehousing, and intralogistics, as well as for technical parts for professional applications. Utz vision is to be the leading manufacturer of containers, pallets, component holders and technical parts from recyclable plastic. 

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