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The Revolution is collaborative by nature and welcomes your ideas for mutual projects, surveys or other research projects. We consider authoritative editorial submissions which speak to reusable packaging/unit load newcomers or veterans.

Packaging Revolution encourages original and informed submissions as well as press announcements from informed industry participants and professional journalists.

Editorial submissions broadly related to unit load packaging and equipment are welcomed – particularly reusable applications and pallets. Articles should be original and authoritative in nature. Please indicate if you are addressing a general or professional audience, and restrict the use of industry jargon when writing to the former. Demonstrative photos or other images are encouraged.

In some cases, we will consider running articles that have posted on your website or elsewhere, with permission. Just ask.

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Need help telling your story?

For the many reusable packaging and pallet professionals who are not writers at heart, keep on reading! In many cases, depending on our workload, we are happy to participate in an interview and help get your story in front of readers. When we don’t have the editorial hours available to sit down with you to develop your story, we have reasonably priced freelance writers we can recommend to help, such as Tim Cox, and others. You can reach Tim at