APR Recycling Demand Champions Program Announces New Companies and Applications for Recycled Resin

One participant plans to replace 250,000 wooden pallets with a like amount of PCR (post-consumer resin) pallets

The Association of Plastic Recyclers (APR), the leading international trade organization representing the plastics recycling industry is continuing its efforts to increase the demand for recycled resin and improve the recycling rate for PCR in the North American market. With this in mind, it has announced new participants in its Demand Champions Campaign, as well as expanding the program to include additional applications and material besides plastic rigid containers and pallets.

The APR Recycling Demand Champions Campaign plays a prominent role in expanding the market for residential plastics, driving investment, increasing supply and producing more high-quality PCR. The initial phase of the campaign focused on purchasing new volume PCR through “work in process” (WIP) durable goods but has expanded to include any and all new applications for PCR.

“Although the initial phase of the campaign focused on WIP durable goods, such as pallets and crates, we quickly realized the opportunity to expand the program to include any new application for PCR,” explained Liz Bedard, Director of the APR Rigid Plastic Recycling Program. “Through commitments to purchase WIP durable goods manufactured with broad specification PCR, or develop a new application for PCR, APR Recycling Demand Champions will make a significant and measurable impact in strengthening plastic recycling markets.”

APR is pleased to announce the new APR Recycling Demand Champions are: Nestle, Denton Plastics, and Champion Polymer Recycling. These companies join those that committed in October 2017: Berry Global, Campbells Soup Co., Coca-Cola North America, Envision Plastics, Keurig Green Mountain, Inc., KW Plastics, Merlin Plastics, Plastipak/Clean Tech Inc., The Procter & Gamble Company and Target Corp.

Demand Champions sign a commitment letter to identify and utilize WIP items with PCR content in their facilities or detail another new application for PCR that will be developed within a year. As the program adds more participants, this will increase the demand for post-consumer recycled resins.

“The APR Recycling Demand Champions Campaign highlights manufacturing applications to utilize PCR, and was met with an overwhelming, enthusiastic response from plastic recycling stakeholders,” says Steve Alexander, President of APR. “One manufacturer recently indicated intent to replace 250,000 wood pallets with pallets made with PCR, leading to more than 2 million pounds of increased demand in that one application alone.”

APR commends the companies that have demonstrated their dedication to the plastics recycling industry through a commitment to this campaign. APR will continue working to expand participation in this program in partnership with brand owners, retailers, trade organizations, and other members of the recycling value chain. “We anticipate this will become a seminal program of APR going forward,” adds Alexander.

Source: APR