American Aerogel Reduces Costs, Waste With New Reusable Containers For Cold-Chain Shipping

American Aerogel Corporation, a leader in insulated packaging for cold-chain shipping, is making it easier to maintain vital temperature requirements with a more rugged, water-proof shipping container. Debuting at the Cold Chain & Temperature Management Summit, the new packaging is ideal for frequent back-and-forth shipping with a shell designed for re-use.

American Aerogel is adding to its family of Aerocore custom packaging solutions with the highest thermal insulation available—an R-value of 50—for shipping cold-chain products with less coolant.

The bright-blue, corrugated shell introduced today has a plastic coating for durability, and an optional handle to serve as a carrying case.

The new product complements two current Aerocore solutions.

  • A white, corrugated shell designed for laboratories and biopharmaceutical companies to ship medications, samples or test kits directly to end users such as patients, physicians or small labs.
  • A soft, lightweight case suited for couriers and company representatives who carry temperature-controlled products or samples between offices, or for individuals who need to keep medication at a specific temperature.

Aerocore Vacuum Insulated Panels (VIPs) maintain a temperature longer to extend shipping and temporary storage times. This, paired with the reusable design, can lower shipping costs by as much as 70 percent. American Aerogel’s insulation also aids in reducing energy consumption used in the shipping process and waste with recyclable, reusable packaging materials. A carbon-based product, Aerocore replaces environmentally damaging materials such as polystyrene, polyurethane and fiberglass.

“The pharmaceutical and biologic products industries are moving the needle in providing life-saving solutions—from drug research and development, to supplying critical medications to end users,” said Jay McHarg, president, American Aerogel. “We are proud to meet an essential need for these industries by providing a range of versatile and reliable cold-chain solutions customized to their specific shipping requirements.”

American Aerogel is showing a prototype of the new packaging solution at the Cold Chain & Temperature Management Summit, hosted by the International Quality & Productivity Center in Toronto, Feb. 29 and March 1.

The new package is available now directly through American Aerogel.

About American Aerogel Corporation
American Aerogel Corporation designs and manufactures the highest thermal insulation cold-chain shipping solutions to protect temperature-sensitive products. Its patented Aerocore technology is the only organic, monolithic aerogel in commercial use. American Aerogel designs Vacuum Insulated Panel (VIP) in customized, corrugated boxes, hard-shell plastic containers and soft carrying cases to optimize the Aerocore solution for each temperature-control need. Customers ship thousands of payloads each month in Aerocore VIP containers—more than 275,000 shipments to date with zero temperature excursions. Aerocore packages are lighter and allow extended shipping times, reducing shipping costs by up to 71 percent compared to polyurethane containers.


  1. I look at many things these days and wonder why so much is “disposable” instead of reusable. Many things are done based on cost but the environment never seems to be part of that costing.

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