Amatech Launches Fully Responsive New Website

Easily explore divider and partition options for various reusable packaging categories, lamination and polyurea coating choices. As well as, many other Returnable Packaging products, Site includes a comprehensive cost calculator.

Amatech, Inc. has just launched its comprehensive new website. The goal of the custom reusable packaging specialist was to create a website just as progressive as the engineering, design and manufacturing capabilities the company is known for, stated Hallie Riefstahl, Amatech’s Marketing Manager. The new site, officially launched on July 18, is visually appealing, easy to navigate, and filled to the brim with valuable product information.

Customer accessibility was an important consideration. In addition to telephone contact, there is now a live chat function to connect with a sales engineer. Prospective reusable packaging customers can also fill out a form to ask questions or request a quote.

The site is organized to be interactive. One can browse by grouping and “cross pollinate” with other information. One particular area where our clients sometimes need assistance, noted Jason Amatangelo, Amatech’s Director of New Business Development, is in the area of dividers and partitions. Often their expertise relates to applications such as folding cartons or point of purchase displays, and they don’t have much experience with part protection inside of containers.

With the new website, packaging options are straightforward. If you check out the Dividers and Partitions page, divider options appear for all categories, including corrugated plastic as well as protective, heavy duty material and lamination options.

Amatech dividers

When checking out the Dividers and Partitions page, options are available based on container type, divider material options, and choice of laminates.


The new website demonstrates the range of choices available when it comes to internal part protection for plastic totes and other reusable packaging. “When you think about shipping a product, most people get hung up on the container, but what is inside the container holding the part is also critical to protecting it,” Amatangelo stated.

Amatech offers a range of laminates, as outlined on the website. Choices include Spuntex, Tyvek, and Evolon, as well as Suede Microfiber and Brushed Nylon. The best option for an application depends on the specifics.  It is a question of balancing product protection efficacy, durability, and cost. “If it is a two-cent part, product protection isn’t as much of a concern,” Amatangelo stated. “However, if it is a hundred-dollar part, that is where it makes sense to invest in a better solution.”

A recent addition to Amatech’s Class-A part protection range has been the introduction of extremely durable polyurea coatings.  Polyurea provides an ideal surface when delicate, sensitive parts superior product protection from scratches, vibration or water. It can be sprayed onto plastic or foam and can be particularly useful with heavier parts. It is a highly effective solution. Examples of polyurea applications include its use to line the underside of Humvees in Afghanistan to protect soldiers from explosions, as well as to encase old nuclear waste to prevent leakage.   

Polyurea is a non-ESD material and is impervious to oils, water or rust inhibitors used in products. Because it is washable, polyurea applications are increasingly being adopted in the medical sector, Amatangelo said.

Amatech also offers rolled edge corrugated plastic dividers.  “Plastic corrugated can be relatively sharp on the top edge,” Amatangelo explained. “Rolled edge allows you to solve two problems. Number one, if you are putting a part into the container, say the operator drags the part over the top, that top edge can potentially scratch the part. Or when they are removing it, the same thing can happen. The other benefit is safety. The associate can get cut when reaching into a container. We’ve always called the sharp edge a cuticle killer. If you are reaching to place a part, you can slice your skin. So the rolled edge can be a major consideration.”

The new Amatech website also includes a Reusable Packaging Savings Calculator. To help potential reusable packaging users better understand if their application is a good fit for reusables. We truly wanted our new website to be a resource our current and future customers can rely on and refer to when they have a question regarding returnable packaging, Riefstahl noted.

“People can get sticker shock when they first look at reusable packaging,” Amatangelo observed. “They might say we only are paying $1.50 per box and now it is going to be $6.” By populating the calculator with the pertinent cost information, it is easy to determine how long it will take to achieve payback. “After that,” he said, “it is all gravy.”

Amatech’s new website also includes news, FAQ and career sections. To explore further, go to