Agrolimen Will See Its Usage of CHEP Pallets Double Under New Deal

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Agrolimen, a Spanish multinational holding company based in Barcelona, has inked a new contract will CHEP, according to the pooling sector leader.

With operations in the food, catering and pet care sectors, Agrolimen will benefit from the supply of CHEP pallets for domestic and international flows across Europe. Agrolimen companies involved in this move include Affinity Petcare in Spain and France, weight-control specialist Bicentury in Spain, and Food Group Gallina Blanca Star in Spain and Holland. Through a combination of replacing white-wood exchange pallets and competing pallet pooling srvices, Agrolimen’s CHEP usage will double.

“Having built a partnership with CHEP over many years, we have been benefiting from their pooling model for a considerable period of time,” states Andrés Sánchez, Affinity Petcare logistics director. “Converting extra flows to CHEP in France, Spain and Holland is going to simplify our ongoing pallet management processes. CHEP’s reliable delivery service, pallet availability and ease of ordering pallets are also reasons for expanding business with CHEP.”

One attractive feature from an environmental perspective, CHEP is implementing a Total Pallet Management (TPM) service at Affinity Petcare’s factory in La Chapelle, France, adding sustainability benefits and cost optimization.CHEP’s TPM service sees the placement of a pallet sortation, inspection and repair plant at or close to a customer site. The TPM servuce results in good pallets being reissued into the supply chain without delay, eliminating the need to transport empty pallets to a CHEP Service Centre.

“We are very happy to expand our business with Agrolimen, and we look forward to growing with them in new markets throughout Europe,” says David Cuenca, CHEP vice president and Country General Manager for Iberia. “We know that customers are able to select from other suppliers for pallets. We thank Agrolimen for choosing CHEP, and we are committed to maintaining the service level and quality that they have come to expect from us.”