ADR’s Nylon Smart Pallet Available for 5-Year Lease with 3-Year Option

Thousands of durable nylon pallets have been in use for years with only one reported breakage, says ADR. The material is recovered from carpet recycling.

smart-palletApplied Distribution Resources has announced that its nylon Smart Pallet is now available on a five-year lease with a 3-year option. David Ankele, President & CEO of ADR, states that the leasing program is made possible because of the incredible durability of the pallet in the field. The pallet was developed several years ago in collaboration with Allied Signal and subsequently Honeywell, with those companies looking to develop markets for nylon recovered from carpets.

Aside from enduring performance, Ankele says that his Smart Pallet is also well suited to address the threat of cross-contamination in the food and pharmaceutical industries. Because nylon has such a high melt point, the Smart Pallet can be washed at extremely high temperatures without degrading pallet condition and performance, while eliminating the need for chemicals in the sanitation process. The pallet can be fitted with RFID or GPS tags.

Although the pallet is available for sale, Ankele is most excited about the lease program, which he says that could be in the range of $3 per pallet, monthly. He envisions that the holder of the master lease could share the cost with trading partners for the time they hold the pallet, translating into a very inexpensive proposition for collaborating pallet users.

For more information, visit Applied Distribution Resources.