Additional Experts to Speak at ORBIS’ Global Trends in Reusable Packaging Panel at PackExpo

We recently ran an announcement on a very interesting looking presentation to be hosted by ORBIS at PackExpo 2012: a panel on global trends in reusable packaging. In addition to Ann Garrett from PACCAR, who will share how PACCAR’s reusable packaging program began, how they use it today and how it impacts their global supply chain, attendees will also hear from Kenji Terauchi, Nissan North America, who will discuss Nissan’s approach to reusable packaging, and Christian Brauneis, KNAPP System Integration. Christian will explore global automation trends and how they impact container and pallet selection.

Here is the revised release:

ORBIS will also showcase products, services at PackExpo in Chicago

CHICAGO – At PackExpo 2012, ORBIS Corporation, the leader in sustainable reusable packaging, will host a Global Trends in Reusable Packaging Panel, and share the company’s latest innovations in reusable packaging programs and products that offer stark benefits for customers. Details about a sampling of programs and products ORBIS will showcase at PackExpo are below.

Global Trends in Reusable Packaging Panel
ORBIS Corporation will host a FREE luncheon and panel on Monday, October 29 at PackExpo 2012 featuring interaction with and insight from experts at global companies who actively support the concept of reusable packaging. Packaging users from any industry are invited to attend this event to hear firsthand how reusable packaging positively impacts the environment and injects sustainability throughout their global supply chain.

Kenji Terauchi, Nissan North America, will discuss Nissan’s approach to reusable packaging.
Ann Garrett, PACCAR, will share how PACCAR’s program began, how they use reusable packaging today and how it impacts their global supply chain.
Christian Brauneis, KNAPP System Integration, will address global automation trends and how they impact container and pallet selection.

The panel will address how packaging drives environmental and financial sustainability, operational efficiency, as well as other key benefits and trends.

The panel will be open for questions about reusable packaging, opening an insightful discussion for all to learn the best practices that make reusable packaging beneficial across a multitude of applications.

WHAT: An exclusive luncheon for packaging users to ask questions of experts who have adopted reusable packaging, learn the best practices that will help them best extract benefits from reusable packaging, and understand the benefits that will lead to greater sustainability throughout their supply chain.
Registration is required and can be done at
WHERE: McCormick Place, Room E-265
WHEN: Monday, Oct. 29, 2012, 12:00 – 1:30
Buffet lunch at 12:00 p.m. Panel discussion to begin at 12:30 p.m.

ORBIS will showcase the enhanced RackoCell at PackExpo 2012. The RackoCell pallet is a 40 x 48-inch pallet engineered specifically to meet the needs of the food manufacturing/ingredients, meat and poultry, and pharmaceutical industries where hygiene, durability and ease of washing are demanded. The fully recyclable RackoCell features:

  • flow-through design that washes and drains quickly for high sanitation,
  • smooth, all-plastic construction protects the product without nails, splinters or rusts,
  • enhanced stiffness and edge-racking performance up to 2,200 pounds, molded in one piece from polypropylene copolymer,
  • an option available specifically for food plants that use X-ray detection to inspect loads prior to shipping.

ORBIS has developed nine new plastic reusable StakPaks designed for international applications. This family of StakPaks is a cost efficient packaging solution that provides manufacturers and suppliers the versatility to mix their container loads for improved line-side presentation, boosted productivity, warehouse space savings, and transportation efficiency and cost savings. This family of StakPaks features:

  • design proven in the North American automotive industry,
  • compatibility with the internationally accepted 1000mm x 1200mm pallet footprint,
  • three different sizes and four different heights, which can be combined to maintain a modular load, allowing more parts delivered to the line in the order and quantities demanded.

Mini-Load Containers
ML containers are durable containers designed for use in today’s mini-load systems, to cost-efficiently standardize unit loads. These all-plastic containers are designed for minimal deflection in high velocity material handling equipment. The mini load containers:

  • are available in multiples sizes and styles to meet varying application needs,
  • offer an economic and environmental alternative to single use packaging and are fully recyclable at the end of their service life.


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