Action in the Netherlands Reveals Fake CC Padlocks

After having rolled out its Operation “Chip-It” last year, one European pool continues to manage with the issue of counterfeits. Only one month ago, a CC Container raid in Belgium revealed fraud with illegally copied metal plates and ID tags (“padlocks”) for the CC Containers. A similar action at several locations in Wijk en Aalburg in the Netherlands now reveals a large number of fake padlocks.

On 19 January 2012, a range of growers and transport companies in Wijk en Aalburg in the Netherlands were up for a surprise when a representative from Container Centralen (CC) turned up unannounced together with lawyer and investigator. During these visits, the group found a substantial amount of containers with fake CC padlocks.

– “Much of the material was clearly received in good faith,” says Tonny Vangsgaard Gravesen, CEO of CC, and he continues, – “However, it also became clear that a large share of the illegal padlocks were distributed outside of the Netherlands.”

CC now decide which legal actions to take in relation to the recent action in Wijk en Aalburg. At the same time, they declare that due to the alarming hit rate that they have had with their investigations and actions until further, they will continue the investigations.

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