We are dedicated to supplying pallet and container information. While www.packagingrevolution.net and Reusable Packaging News unabashedly support the use of pallets and reusable transport packaging, we must stress that reusable transport packaging, related pooling and management services, or particular tracking technologies may not be the best fit for every application. Such decisions are best made by qualified packaging and logistics professionals.

Users and potential users of reusable transport packaging, aside from ensuring that the packaging is designed to meet the needs of the application, must be mindful, for example, that the cost of reverse logistics and potential for non-recovery might impact the cost-effectiveness of the application. In addition, returning packaging should be inspected after each use to ensure suitability for reuse, and care taken to avoid contamination or cross-contamination through sanitation and approved handling practices, where applicable. Likewise, thorough research should be performed before engaging any services or products featured by www.packagingrevolution.net or Reusable Packaging News.

Readers should perform due diligence before making any business decisions based on information presented at this website. While we work to ensure that vendor claims are reasonable, we cannot guarantee that claims made are accurate, especially for news story links, press releases and vendor generated content that is posted at www.packagingrevolution.net and Reusable Packaging News. We welcome any feedback that will help us to correct inaccurate claims.

Mindful of all potential concerns, we generally remain huge fans of reusable transport packaging, and encourage you to evaulate whether it makes sense for your unique application. For many companies, this will be an environmentally responsible and financially rewarding undertaking.