Reuse and Y2R: A Year of Blogging Dangerously

The first year of tiptoed by the other day, like a teenager down the hallway well past curfew. It has been 12 months since my first lame cut and paste news release of October 21, 2009, and well over 40,00 page views later I am happy to report that we have taken stock, locked and loaded, and are now lurching enthusiastically into a second year of chronicling the reusable packaging revolution, hopefully in an increasingly better informed and insightful narrative. I guess if we are talking about a revolution there should be incite as well as insight.  Hopefully in the reverse order.

To be honest, I received some good advise from my webmaster last year about what a blog should embody (and which I regrettably did not grasp), such as short, explosive posts that pulsate the high points and don’t waste the reader’s time, while providing an open opportunity for dialogue.

Of course, after all of those many years of cranking out 1500 to 1800 word articles for Pallet Enterprise Magazine, I am well trained in the trade mag format. That and the easy road of pasting relevant press releases. But those pressers can get a bit weary for me, and no doubt for the faithful who read them. How many claims about being market leaders and first of their kind comments can I consciously post, especially when they weren’t actually the first of their kind at all. Actually it was a little plastic rental pallet pool in Sweden that first had the RFID tagged pallets.

So this time around, my pledge is to provide more information in fewer words, give a shot at being more engaging, and broaden the scope of the dialogue. One of my valued mentors suggested that in addition to reusable packaging, a complementary area of domain expertise such as supply chain food safety might make sense. Food safety and reusables could be a powerful duo, but I’ll have to make sure I have the resources to blog badly twice as much before I roll out that undertaking. The goal remains to expand the dialogue, and over the next few months I hope that this undertaking, and my narrative not withstanding, will become more clear.

If you have any ideas about where this shaky ship should steer, give me a yell, or post a comment below. Year 2 of the revolution, or as I like to call it Y2R, beckons.

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