A Reusables Application That Is on the Move

About one in five Americans moves each year, amounting to around 43 million people changing addresses annually. And increasingly, more of them seem to be picking up on reusable moving boxes!

Bad puns aside, the time honored method of carting off empty cardboard boxes from the supermarket can be just plain inconvenient. Problems include:

  • None there! They might have just all been loaded into the baler
  • You probably don’t have room in your car to take them all if they are available
  • They might be banana boxes with a big opening in the bottom of each container
  • Often they do not have hand holds for ease of lifting
  • They may be an assortment of sizes that aren’t the best fit for your stuff
  • The variety of sizes might lead to suboptimal stacking during the move
  • After emptying, they need to be collapsed and taken away for recycling

Click on the link to read more about reusables and this moving story.

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