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Pallet Statistics: Pallet Sizes Becoming More Standardized in the U.S. Market

This article has been updated with the most recent pallet industry statistics available. Also read: Economic Impact Study Shows Wood Packaging Industry Supports 173,000 Jobs in the United States New wooden pallet industry statistics have been made available, resulting from cooperative research projects involving NWPCA, Virginia Tech and USDA … [Read more...]

Germany Wood Pallet and Packaging Statistics: Market Grew by 5.7% in 2016, Production of Over 100 Million Pallets for the First Time

  Bonn. Manufacturers of pallets, wood packagings and cable drums in Germany enjoyed stable sales and increased production volumes in 2016. Wood pallet output increased rose by 4.4%, while the manufacture of wooden crates fell by around 3.7%, Pallet manufacturing volume achieved an all-time high of more than 100 million units. "The good … [Read more...]

Wood Pallet Production and Usage Statistics for Spain

According to the Spanish ONS, production of new pallets increased by 2 percent. FEDEMCO has detected a 2 percent  increase in movements of all types of wooden pallets. According to the ONS, the production of new pallets in 2014 rose to over 43 million pallets, 2 percent more than in 2013. According to data gathered by FEDEMCO from a survey … [Read more...]

UK Pallet Industry Statistics Show Modest Production Recovery

Timber pallet statistics show an improved performance by UK pallet sector The UK wood pallet industry showed a slight boost in 2013, according to figures from Timbertrends. The supply of new timber pallets increased slightly in 2013, according to new Timbertrends figures. Commissioned collaboratively by TIMCON and the Forestry Commission every … [Read more...]

Over 40 Years Service and Technology Leadership for Japan Pallet Rental

Japan Pallet Rental. (This story first appeared in February 2017, with updates.) With a pool of over 8.5 million pallets, Japan Pallet Rental Corporation is the leading pallet rental provider in Japan. And while it was launched as wood pallet rental service back in 1971, it began introducing plastic pallets in 2000. Today, plastic pallets … [Read more...]

CHEP Offers Solutions for White Pallet Shortage

Europe's largest load carrier portfolio ensures constant availability of pallets, even in the current economic boom   Cologne, January 22, 2018 - The good economy brings with it a bottleneck on white pallets. In particular, exports make a return of white pallets difficult. CHEP offers a counter-concept to the scarcity of white … [Read more...]

Statistics Surrounding Forestry Jobs

Statistics surrounding forestry jobs in North America are incredibly important for various reasons.  First, the numbers provide accurate detail regarding the health of an industry. According to the Canadian government, in 2013 the Canadian forest sector contributed $19.8 billion to Canada’s gross domestic product (GDP). Globally, Canada has the … [Read more...]

Survey demonstrates scale of UK wooden pallet and packaging market

The Timber Packaging & Pallet Confederation (TIMCON) has revealed the results of its timber pallet and packaging survey, in collaboration with the Forestry Commission. The report gives an overview of the UK packaging and pallet business, including production and repair. Presenting the results at TIMCON’s general meeting earlier this month, … [Read more...]

Timber pallet and packaging industry focuses on significant increase in European reuse and recycling obligations

Members of the Timber Packaging & Pallet Confederation (TIMCON) were given an update on changes to the targets for the reduction of packaging waste in Europe, at the organisation’s annual general meeting, held in Cambridge at the end of May. Fons Ceelaert, secretary general of the European Federation of Wooden Pallet and Packaging … [Read more...]

66th FEFPEB Congress – Wooden pallet and packaging suppliers to work more closely to stress advantages of wood

Global Forum agrees on joined up approach to communicate the benefits of wooden packaging and pallets   Wooden packaging and pallet industries around the world have agreed to work even closer together to harmonise communications about the environmental and economic advantages of using wood rather than other materials. Delegates at … [Read more...]