9BLOC™Chooses masLogic™ as its Software Solution for Pallet Pool Management

iLogic, one of the world’s foremost providers of returnable asset management solutions, announced today that 9BLOC™ has selected masLogic™ as their software platform. With the 9BLOC implementation, masLogic empowers participating companies and their customers to track the movement of pallets and other containers, to identify problem areas and to create sustainable opportunities to realize their return on investment.

masLogic is a flexible and scalable web-based returnable asset management software system. The current version of masLogic is the result of over 20 years of cumulative experience serving the Canadian Grocery Industry, major US corporations as well as pallet industry companies.

The 9BLOC ‘free market system’ (See recent launch announcement here) will allow participating pallet buyers to purchase from any 9BLOC provider as they individually deem appropriate, ensuring consistent high-quality 9BLOC pallets at the best price and service. This approach will also reduce or eliminate the financial impact of pallets that are shipped out of the network, thus providing greater accountability of assets for all 9BLOC participants. By tracking pallet user shipments with data input and bar coding, the 9BLOC masLogic System will identify where those pallets went. It will also track how many pallets are credited to suppliers on a first in/first out basis, and where they are in the product cycle. Through a tracking and a loss algorithm, the entire virtual inventory will reconcile with the physical inventory on hand at any point in the supply chain.

“For this important implementation, 9BLOC looked to iLogic to supply a proven system capable of supporting thousands of users. Millions of assets will be tracked using the latest RFID and barcode technologies, while ensuring that confidential membership data is secure,” explained Marty Kerluck, Director of Business Development at iLogic.

John Swenby, President of 9BLOC, added, “iLogic’s expertise in developing enterprise-grade returnable asset management software clearly made them the ideal partner for our very specific project requirements.”

iLogic Inc. is a privately held software development company that has been delivering innovative and cost-effective solutions since 1979. The company has been in the business of developing container and pallet tracking systems since the mid-1980s. iLogic offers best practice knowledge, consulting, support and training in all of its projects.

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