9BLOC™ Presents New Flexible Pallet Pooling Options for Pallet Users

The North American Pallet Industry is responding to the changing needs of its customers by offering fully independent pools of nine block pallets nationwide. The core of this offering is the 9BLOC™ whitewood block pallet, which is being manufactured and repaired to exacting standards. Many companies have been and are being certified to manufacture pallets as of this release. 

Certified manufacturers are currently selling 9BLOC™ pallets to a number of customers, John Swenby of 9BLOC explained to me by phone. A variety of flexible pooling options will be available soon, with its pallet tracking system anticipated to be fully functional by September 1 of this year.

The 9BLOC™ industry network is comprised of independent, entrepreneurial pallet producers and recyclers. The NWPCA (National Wood Pallet & Container Association) states that there are over 4,000 pallet companies in the US, Canada and Mexico. 9BLOC™ is uniting and networking these companies to provide durable, high quality pallets. The pallets will move around the country in a cost per trip basis. This carefully coordinated network allows independent businesses to compete in the global supply chain, providing pallet solutions to a broad spectrum of industries throughout North America.

Pallet Logistics & Unit Load Solutions, Inc., doing business as 9BLOC™, is a non-for-profit organization committed to networking an industry of exceptional proven resources, while maintaining the entrepreneurial benefits of the pallet industry. 9BLOC™ has also established the standards and quality control processes by which the program will operate. Participating manufacturers and recyclers will benefit from the 9BLOC™ national pallet tracking system. The program is open to all independent pallet manufacturers and recyclers. Learn more at http://www.9bloc.com/


  1. Jeff Hunt says

    My family has been in the block pallet re-manufacturing business since 1953. I like the concept and wish to learn more and be a part of this. I am in the St. Louis area with an idle facility we should talk.

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