9BLOC – Pallet Recyclers Take Bold Move to Control Inbound Core Supply

Inbound material supply has increasingly become a problem for wood pallet recyclers, and as a result, industry thought leaders have turned those thoughts into action as they attempt to secure future viability of pallet businesses in the U.S.

“There are no cores,” John Swenby told a record event audience at the 2012 Western Pallet Association (WPA) Annual Meeting. A pallet core is the used pallet that a pallet recycler receives with typically a purpose of repairing, dismantling or grinding. As customers have increasingly turned to pallet rental as an alternative to purchasing new pallets, the availability of used pallet cores has gradually diminished. “We have wiped out the cores. Customers have expectations for large quantities, and guess what, we no longer have them.” Swenby is the President of Pallet Logistics and Unit-load Solutions Inc., a not-for-profit company formed to help establish future opportunity for pallet recycling companies. Swenby is also Managing Partner of Paltech, a pallet recycling company operating in five states.

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